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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice devs give detailed insight into various characters

Posted on August 14, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

Case 2 characters

Trucy Wright

– Basically, they didn’t change Trucy’s design from Dual Destinies, but this time Yamazaki really wanted to make a story for her, because he couldn’t in the last title. That’s when they decided to definitely put it at Case 2.
– Eshiro hopes that with this her character will get completely established.

Ema Skye

– Yamazaki finally got his wish to see her finally achieve a position in the forensics.
– Yamazaki wanted her design to clearly show that she finally obtained that position, and Fuse helped giving him ideas by giving her an armband that has the word Forensics.
– The interviewer is a bit sad that Ema does not eat Snackoos anymore.

Mimi Nanano

– Yamazaki wanted to add a new magician girl as a suspect candidate for Case 2, so that’s when they made Mimi.
– The basic theme of the magic show in Case 2 itself is Alice In Wonderland, so they made her to look like the Rabbit.
– Her stockings are supposed to be based on carrot, which is why they made it orange.
– Mimi’s name origins: Mimi comes from Ear because she’s based on a Rabbit. Nanano is because rabbits eat grass.

– For Case 2 victim: Mr. Menyo, his name means Mr. Strange, mysterious and suspicious.

Kanenari Shinoyama

– His name comes from Yamashi no Producer; Yamashi can mean either Adventurer or Imposter. Then they switched Yamashino around to Shinoyama.
– They wanted to make him with the aura of an industry person (insider), which is why they switched his kanji names all around. The kanji Kanenari when switched around will be Narikin which means Upstart.
– They designed him based on the common looks of producers in the past: wearing a cardigan, and leather boots without socks. They feel that such looks fit well with the Ace Attorney series setting.
– Fuse at first considered adding chains to his hips, but that would end up blatantly dissing Eshiro.
– When looking at the illustration Kanenari is shown to have a fixation with coffee, especially Seattle Coffee.
– The interviewer noted that despite the old-school looks, he can use a smartphone with flick controls. Yamazaki said that if he couldn’t do that, he wouldn’t get a proper posture (as a producer in this era).

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