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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice devs give detailed insight into various characters

Posted on August 14, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

Case 3 characters

Sarla Artam

– Her husband is Marmel Artam, the victim of Case 3
– Sarla Artam’s name comes from Sarasara no Atama (Silky Head), and Marmel Artam’s comes from Marumeta Atama (Rounded Head)
– They decided from the start that the Case 3 victim would be a husband (married man), and then they made his widow.
– She has really peculiar movements and gimmicks. Her design was worked on during the same time as the scenario, but story-wise she loves her husband so much, so Fuse started thinking from her carrying the memorial photo. Eshiro added that she wants to always stay together with her husband.
– Yamazaki is so sad that he can’t say much about it yet, and joking together with the interviewer, he would like to do a spoiler-unlocked interview after release.

Nanaseeno Gonbye (alias)

– This character is so hard to explore, even when it comes to his name origin.
– If Eshiro had to describe him, he’s a slippery man who likes to eat mysterious lizards. Especially gutter lizards, which are delicious to him.
– The interviewer noted that there hasn’t been a witness in the history of Ace Attorney series that’s so easy to break like him.
– His decisive pose is also discussed. At first they wanted him to have a decisive pose, but everyone had a very difficult time thinking it out; until eventually the planning staff put much thought to it and came up with that pose.
– Eshiro thinks it’s good that the pose has a bit of a dull feeling to it. Fuse adds that they’re indeed aiming for that, but it was quite hard to make a pose that’s rather decisive but also has some dullness at the same time.

Inga Karukul Khura’in

– His first name comes from Inga Ouhou (Retributive Justice)
– His middle name comes from Karakuru (Controlling with strings) because he controls the law world in Khura’in.
– Eshiro noted that an overwhelming evil can be felt just by looking at his design. Yamazaki directly requested it to be like that. Fuse made the people in Khura’in authority to look scary so that they can properly depict the Khura’in kingdom as the enemy.
– Yamazaki then said that the law system is bad because the person who created it is also bad.
– The design on the mant badge may look like it’s based from the kanji that means Cabinet Minister
– Eshiro wanted to add something, but then realized he can’t speak about it yet. When the interviewer pushed him that there are many things that can’t be spoken about (ienai yatsu), Eshiro got inspired and joked by saying that a new character is born with the name Ienai Yarts, and everyone laughs.

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