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Fire Emblem Heroes

A new summoning focus is up on Fire Emblem Heroes. The heroes in this focus include Azura, Hinata, Titania, and Cecilia. The focus will be active until June 6.

Today’s Fire Emblem Heroes update brought us the addition of Lloyd’s Grand Hero Battle and summons. Watch some footage of the latest content below.

The Grand Hero Battle against Lloyd is now available in both hard and lunatic difficulty levels. You will gain access to Lloyd on your team after defeating him in combat. The new summoning focus for Lloyd will include 5 star versions of Hinoka, Ninian, Raven and Klein. Both the focus and Grand Hero Battle will be available until May 26.

Also, after the Voting Gauntlet the total achieved score from all teams was 131,700,378,446. As a reward all players will receive 20 orbs, 5000 universal crystals and 5 of each great badge.

Tharja has overtaken Robin in the most recent Voting Gauntlet. Players can now log into Fire Emblem Heroes and collect heroes feathers based on if their team won and their own personal rank.

The Fire Emblem Heroes official Twitter tweeted out that the “Lloyd White Wolf” hero battle will be happening May 19th.


In celebration for the release of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Intelligent Systems has decided to provide a onetime log-in bonus of 5 orbs. This prize is available until June 2nd, so log-in before then.

Fire Emblem Heroes now has a new section of quests where you can earn seals for you characters as well as being able to earn a few bronze 3 star characters. The seals include: HP +3, Fortify Res 1, and Spur Def 1. If you already have one of these seals (HP +3) you will be able to get 300 feathers instead. These quests will stay available until June 1st.

After four days, the final round of the Voting Gauntlet is now live for players to try. The last battle will be between the previous victors Tharja and Robin (male). The event will last for 44 hours. You will also be able to collect your Hero Feathers from the last round as well now.

The second part of the Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia tie-in event is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes. A summoning focus with Celica, Mae, Boey and Genny as the 5-star focus units will be available until May 30th. In addition to that, chapter 11 of the main story, Rite of Shadows, has been added, as well as quests that require you to complete these missions under special conditions.

This past week, Fire Emblem Heroes added in a new update. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are now distributing version 1.3.0 for the game.

Per usual, fans have been picking apart the latest update in hopes of finding out about any potential secrets. The big highlight appears to be the inclusion of a boat map. There are also new terrain maps featured in the recent Fire Emblem Heroes live stream. Speaking of the live stream, fans have located a new special map banner which depicts the same scenery as in that stream.

Other tidbits: Narcian is returning, a new tutorial image shows how to take advantage of terrain, a new debuff may be coming, the new maps are listed as Z11-Z20 while the others are V21-25, and new Starter Support maps could be on the way.


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