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Splatoon 2

This information comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima…

Splatoon 2 in particular will offer voice chat, a much-requested feature from our overseas fans, using smart-devices and the ability to bring eight Nintendo Switch systems together for eight-person local multiplayer. In this way, we are working to create titles and environments to invigorate the competitive gaming scene so that a wider demographic of customers can enjoy, talk about, and continue playing the Nintendo Switch.


The Japanese Twitter account for Splatoon has posted a handful of screenshots from Splatoon 2 which show off one of the new maps. Called “Barnacles Sports Club” in Japanese (surely the official English name will be pun-tastic), this map was briefly seen in the Splatoon 2 trailer shown at the Switch presentation two weeks ago. As the name implies, it’s sort of a sports club / gym with climbing areas, a pool, fitness equipment and so on. It seems like the spawn point for each teams will be the highest points of the map, with slopes leading down to the central area.


The above Switch ad was seen in one of Tokyo’s subways. Despite the game not being a launch title, Splatoon 2 is the hightlight. Thanks to eigotaku for the picture!

The Japanese Twitter account for Splatoon posted a couple of updates today. Both focus on weapons in the game: Heavy Splatling and Slosher.

With the Heavy Splatling, the mounting angle of its distinctive barrel component and its parts configuration have changed, but its basic weapon characteristics have been kept in tact.

The Slosher features a change in handle and suspension parts. Similar to the Heavy Splatling and Slosher, other weapons in the game have had model changes to match the two year trend change.


Digital Foundry has conducted a preliminary technical analysis on two Wii U games: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2.

With Mario Kart, Nintendo has noticeably bumped up the resolution to 1080p. An issue from the Wii U version was also addressed with frame stuttering.

Splatoon 2’s visual improvements over the original may be less obvious due to running at the same 720p resolution. However, playing Splatoon 2 on the Switch screen can be impressive. Nintendo could also choose to increase the resolution before launch.

View Digital Foundry’s full analysis below.

Splatoon 2’s debut trailer gave us a quick look (or rather tease) at Marie, one of the Squid Sisters. But what about Callie? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that she’s back as well.

During a stage show for Splatoon 2 at Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, producer Hisashi Nogami confirmed that Callie is returning. One of the hosts mentioned seeing Marie in Splatoon 2’s video, yet Callie was nowhere to be seen. Nogami said in response that Callie is still around, and joked about how she was busy for her business so she couldn’t participate in filming.

The official Splatoon tumblr has been posting all sorts of information about the Wii U’s games sequel over the past few days. Information shared includes details on the hub, weapons, and more. Get the full lowdown below.

The Squid Research Lab can confirm that Inkopolis Plaza is no longer the central hub of Inkling culture. Apparently a new location within Inkopolis known as “Inkopolis Square” is now the most popular area for young Inklings. Many new businesses have opened shop in Inkopolis Square, and it is only two subway stations away from Inkopolis Plaza. We at the Squid Research Lab were surprised to learn that the center of Inkling culture has changed locations in such a short amount of time, but perhaps there is something to be learned about the Inkling way of life in all this. Or maybe we’re just thinking about it too hard.

A Squid Research Lab special report:
As we suspected, Turf War is still the most popular sport among Inklings. The basic rules of this sport remain the same–two teams of four Inklings compete to cover the largest area of ground with their ink color within the allotted time. Inklings still eat, sleep, and breathe Turf War, and the sport still drives the direction of fashion, art, and language for Inkling culture.

Splatoon 2 gameplay video

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Nintendo published a new Splatoon 2 gameplay video on its Japanese YouTube page. Get a look at it below.

Splatoon 2 footage

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Splatoon 2 is shown off extensively on Nintendo Treehouse Live with Nintendo Switch:

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