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Splatoon 2

Famitsu published a lengthy Splatoon 2 feature this week. Among the coverage was an interview with four of the game’s developers. Art director Seita Inoue, lead programmer Shintaro Sato, director Yusuke Amano, and producer Hisashi Nogami participated in the talk.

The developers weighed in on Splatoon 2’s improvements and adjustments from the first game, the new Salmon Run mode, the story, and future updates. Among the things discussed were Nintendo’s approach to Salmon Run, how Nintendo considered announcing a Splatoon sequel during the first game’s final Splatfest, a tease of more new weapon categories, and more. The developers were even asked if Marina is an Octoling.

You can find a comprehensive summary of important points from Famitsu’s interview below. 

Splatoon 2 – Inkbrush footage

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The Inkbrush was added in as Splatoon’s first new weapon a few hours ago. Take a look at some footage showing it in action below.

GameStop is hosting a Splatoon 2 demo event today, and the retailer is giving away color changing cups for those who stop by and give the game a shot. Over on the Nintendo NY Twitter account, we’re given a better look at the two items. Have a look below.

[Weapons] The first additional weapon will be available on July 22nd (6PM PST / 10PM EST) / July 23rd (3AM BST / 4AM CEST), and it’s the Inkbrush! It comes with Splat Bombs (Sub Weapon) and Splashdown (Special Weapon)!

Nintendo will be adding the first new weapon to Splatoon 2 tomorrow. Players can begin using the Inkbrush tonight in North America, and tomorrow in Europe.

Times are as follows:

– 7 PM PT
– 10 PM ET
– 3 AM in the UK
– 4 AM in Europe

The Inkbrush features Splat Bombs as its Sub Weapon. Splashdown is its Special Weapon.


We’re just about done with our video coverage of Splatoon 2, but you can watch one last feature from Nintendo Australia below. Members of the “Squid Research Lab” show off the new mode Salmon Run.


Nintendo has prepared a couple of new Splatoon 2 commercials for launch day. We’ve included both below.

This week’s episode of Nintendo Minute has gone live. In today’s video, Kit and Krysta end their month of Splatoon 2 coverage with a video about the clothes, shoes and hats you get in-game and show off some real life goodies. Check out the full episode below.

Last week, lines in Japan were pretty crazy as consumers waited just for a chance to purchase a Switch unit. Now that Splatoon 2 has launched, consumers were back in full force. Kotaku shows us a look at what happened for the big release.

Splatoon 2 recently had a downloadable demo event dedicated to a Splatfest. However, the game’s first true Splatfest will be taking place during the first week of August.

In both North America and Europe, players will be asked about their condiment of choice: mayonnaise or ketchup. says that the Splatfest will run “during the first weekend in August.”

As of now Nintendo hasn’t made any announcements about Japan. North America and Europe also had the same topic for the demo event, but Japan had something different.


We haven’t really had a good look at what the Callie and Marie amiibo do in Splatoon 2, until now that is. They seem to have the same functions as all the other Amiibo, plus giving the player some gear. You can check out the video below, by GameXplain, to see how they’ll function in game.

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