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Zelda: Twilight Princess manga is happening

Posted on January 31, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in GameCube, General Nintendo, News, Wii, Wii U

Last July, Akira Himekawa teased a new entry in the Zelda manga series. There were plans to have it out last year, but strangely, nothing ever materialized. A concrete update was finally shared today.

A new Twilight Princess manga will begin and published at Shogakukan’s manga app Manga One. They would’ve liked to announce the title during last year’s tease, but there were many states of affairs, which is why they could only announce it today.

Back in December 2006, the original Twilight Princess received a CERO B rating – ages 12 and up – in Japan, which was why the manga stopped publishing in Shogakukan’s Gakunenshi magazines (seems to be aimed at grade schoolers, hence the termination). They understand that people worldwide had been hoping for another manga to be made for years, and it’s finally here. The date it’ll begin publishing will be shared by the publisher later.

Some might think this announcement was made to coincidence with the release of Twilight Princess HD, but this is not actually the case. Instead, this has been planned since long before, so it’s more like a good coincidence.

As it turns out, that’s not the only Zelda manga news. The ten volumes of The Legend of Zelda manga from Mushi Comics will be brought back in a compilation volume called “Perfect Edition”. It will also have parts not included in the original tankobon books 17 years ago, will consist of 5 volumes, and will be published throughout this year.

Thanks to Garrett B for the tip.


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  • slihm

    Zelda anime when?

  • ♪Soy ♪Sauce

    why? :I

    • Ninty Kad

      why not? :y

      • ♪Soy ♪Sauce

        because you already have the game…. :I
        who reads a manga when they already know what happens since they already played the game….

        • KnightWonder

          The same people who bought and read the other Zelda mangas.

          • ♪Soy ♪Sauce

            why do they buy them already knowing what happens? :I

          • Wendigo

            The mangas don’t follow the source material
            They are original stories based on the games

          • ♪Soy ♪Sauce

            ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh :O

          • KGRAMR

            And sometimes,they up the antee in terms of violence,for example,in OoT’s manga link faces volvagia and slashes his head off.

          • ♪Soy ♪Sauce


  • Reggie

    If it is going to be a slightly more mature manga, then I have to wonder if Viz will even bring it over west-side. They publish Akira Himekawa’s Zelda manga under the “Viz Kids” label, just like with all of their video game based manga…

    • ♪Soy ♪Sauce

      “If it is going to be a slightly more mature manga”

      someone is a pervert..

      • Reggie

        Shut up. I was referring to things like more violence, possible blood, and scenes that may be deemed too frightening for children. Things that got TP rated Teen to begin with.

  • Luis Kråke

    The only place where Link actually talks

  • Locky Mavo

    Sweet, I hope they translate it and release an english version, I have the Link to the Past manga. Still hoping they’ll translate and re-release a hard copy of the Metroid manga, that one is sick!

    • skilarbabcock

      Here’s the English post they made

      • Locky Mavo

        Well I guess that’s neat, though I’d personally prefer a hard copy book, though if that doesn’t happen there’s this, thanks for the heads up.

  • Wendigo

    The official mangas usually have darker storylines than their source material
    Combine that with TP, arguably the darkest game in the series since the original 2 games
    rip your feels

    • R.Z.

      It would be cool if they built upon the creepy flashbacks a bit and expended on the lore.
      I must say found TP’s darkness a bit shallow, more of an aesthetic posture than something really thought out. I don’t know if it is because I didn’t adhere to the universe of the game in general or because it was genuinely lackluster. The N64 episodes touched me much more deeply with their representations of war and death and the simpler mythology.

      • KGRAMR

        Volvagia’s decapitation man…

  • skilarbabcock

    Actually, I have talked to the author myself. It wasn’t supposed to release 2015, they told me that’s when the project was starting

  • I’m curious how the Hero’s Shade will be handled.

  • Luke WalkingMoonTree

    Didn’t see that coming tough I expected a Zelda Anime…

  • It was probably delayed because TPHD was delayed. Tantalus originallly said they were working on a port that would be out late 2015. It makes sense.

  • windstar

    There is so much hidden lore and implications in Twilight Princess, I wonder if it will build on any of that or just do it’s own thing.