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Bravely Second devs talk about the game’s new jobs

Posted on March 18, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

In a new interview with Dengeki, Bravely Second producer Tomoya Asano and assistant producer Shinji Takahashi discussed the game’s new jobs (thanks Siliconera). The title introduces jobs such as Cat Master, Patissier, Exorcist, and much more.

Asano first spoke about jobs with the following words:

“Whenever we start thinking about new jobs, we start out by keeping the entire game’s balance in mind. We’d like to have this many attackers; there should be this number of offensive mages; let’s stick to this number for healers… these are some of the thoughts that go into the balancing. One important thing of the Cat Master in particular is how we created it to be a ‘playing around’ type [of class].”

Asano added that although Cat Masters were originally created just to have fun with, they ended up being pretty strong. They’re fine at attacking and can provide support.

Head past the break for even more job quotes!


– Dengeki asks about differences between the Astrologian and Performer jobs

“The Performer had the stance of physical attacks + support. Astrologians, on the other hand, have been allotted the role of magic attacks + support. Again, we’ve been wanting to add new magic-type classes, so we created [the Astrologian] to add to that.” – Takahashi

“The Patissier job is a support-type that looks like a playing around-type. Rather than support, they actually specialize in weakening enemies than enhancing allies.” – Asano

– Takahashi says Patissiers have really cute battle animations
– This holds true for Cat Masters as well, but the Patissiers in particular have very detailed movements, and you’ll get a good idea of just how much fun the development team had in designing them


– Can undo what happened by going back previous turns
– Asano notes that it was difficulty balancing this aspect

“Yes, it was. While we did come to a decision regarding their looks at an early stage, we were much more careful about balance adjustments. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that out of everything in Bravely Second, this may be the part that we put the most efforts when it comes to balance adjustments.” – Asano

“Basically, we thought of the Exorcist as a healing-type role. Healing-types already have the White Mage, so in order to differentiate from them, we’ve designed Exorcists to have a special way they are used.” – Takahashi

– Before adjustments, Asasno says the Exorcists were too useful, and their ability was pretty much the ultimate one in the game
– The team then made the right adjustments to fix that
– Even though it’s been cut back somewhat, Exorcist is still really fun and Asano says to look forward to trying it out


– Guardians take enemy hits by becoming the decoy, and will also be able to cover allies

“Actually, the previous game didn’t really have many tank roles, so it was basically just the Knight. I believe that Guardians will be tanks that are capable of also being attackers.” – Asano

“They’re excellent at physical attacks, so depending on the person playing, they could be used as attackers.” – Takahashi

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