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Evolving Game Design: Today and Tomorrow, East and West Game Design
Speaker: Mark MacDonald (Executive Director, 8-4Ltd), Goichi Suda a.k.a. SUDA51 (CEO/Game Designer, Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.), Fumito Ueda (Sr. Game Designer, Int’l Production Dept, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Japan Studio), Emil Pagliarulo (Lead Designer – FALLOUT 3, Bethesda Game Studio)
Date/Time: TBD
Track: Game Design
Format: 60-minute Panel
Experience Level: All

Session Description
What are the most important recent trends in modern game design? Where are games headed in the next few years? Drawing on their own experiences as leading names in game design, the panel will discuss their answers to these questions, and how they see them affecting the industry both in Japan and the West.

By attending this session you will gain insight on where game design is headed, both in Japan and the West.

Intended Audience and Prerequisites
Designers, directors, producers.


“In what is destined to be the first genuinely epic game of 2009, Resident Evil 5 is practically guaranteed to be the last of its kind, with the game’s producer, Jun Takeuchi, assuring us that a reboot is in order for the inevitable Resident Evil 6. That’s not to suggest that there’s anything wrong with the evil at hand. Quite the opposite; it’s awesome fun, and we’ve beaten the game from beginning to end…” – 1up

Resident Evil 5 doesn’t look like it will be releasing for the Wii and it’s more than possible that RE6 will not appear on the Wii (or Nintendo’s next console). Still, a series reboot is a smart idea, especially after quite a number of gamers believe RE5 is too similar to its predecessor.

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“He assumed that hedgehogs can’t swim, so that’s why he made it that Sonic can’t swim. But then recently he saw a photograph in Germany of a hedgehog swimming, so that isn’t quite accurate! Apparently hedgehogs can swim, but they can’t climb out of water. This picture he saw was a guidance thing showing that you should help the hedgehog back up onto a branch, so he can get out. And he [Yuji Naka] was thinking, ‘Oh, nobody is helping Sonic!'” – Yuji Naka (translator)


Activision Meeting Room #510
Activision Booth #5322
Atari, Inc. Meeting Room #304A
Atari, Inc. Meeting Room #304C
Atari, Inc. Booth #501
Atari, Inc. Meeting Room #304B
Atlus U.S.A. Booth #4312
Azuradisc, Inc. Booth #2836

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Big Bang Mini, which was released for the Nintendo DS only a few weeks ago, will see a sequel in 2010. SouthPeak Interactive revealed this information in a conference call earlier this week. No specific details were shared, but SouthPeak says the experience will be “expanded.”


Seminal Franchise Originator to be Celebrated by His Peers at the 2009 Game Developers Choice Awards Ceremony, March 25 at GDC

SAN FRANCISCO — Feb. 17, 2009 —Think Services Game Group’s 2009 Game Developers Choice Awards, the highest honors in game development acknowledging excellence in game creation, will honor Hideo Kojima with a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s ceremony taking place at the Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Kojima is Corporate Officer, Executive Producer and Director of Kojima Productions and creator of the seminal Metal Gear series. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the career and achievements of developers who have made an indelible impact on the craft of game development, as Kojima has with over twenty years of work on Metal Gear and other notable franchises.

Capcom Presents the Game Industry’s First Branded Visa Card With Trendsetting “Experiential” Rewards Program
Capcom® Entertainment, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced a game industry trendsetting program to allow Capcom community members to show their fan spirit with a unique Capcom Unity Visa® prepaid card. Capcom is the first video game company in North America to offer a co-branded Visa rewards card program specifically designed for gamers. The Capcom Unity Visa card program is now available for immediate online enrollment at

This is not a credit card, but an innovative user-funded prepaid card that works anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, earning a precedent-setting series of cash back, points on Capcom’s community website, accelerated rewards from select retail and merchandise partners, discounts and exclusive access. Most importantly, Capcom’s enthusiastic fan base will be able to pay for dinner, get money from an ATM or buy games with a Visa card featuring some of the most recognizable video game characters on the planet, from games such as Street Fighter® IV and Resident Evil® 5.

No word yet on what exactly Project Ring is. SEGA plans on revealing more details on the 24th.

“A small minority [of published Activision games] consist of a select few wholly-owned and internally-developed new IP for which we have planned conservatively. If successful, [these] will prove [to have] a high rate of return on investment for the near and long-term. …rigorous, measured approach to launching new IP… the introduction of new IP is one of our industry’s most difficult challenges. [We will] conservatively manage our portfolio risk profile by generating our majority of revenue… from more predictable and stable franchises that have served us well over long periods of time.” – Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick

According to the company’s conference call from earlier today, that just isn’t happening. Activision has announced that Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits is on the way. This game will feature full-band versions of tracks that appeared in previous Guitar Hero games. That title is set to come out this Summer.

Activision revealed in a conference call last night that Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits is in development. Songs from previous Guitar Hero titles will be in the game. Though, Greatest Hits isn’t the biggest news. Activision is also creating another title for the Guitar Hero series. The next “true” title will see a “major re-stage” of the franchise as we know it with “new differentiated Guitar Hero products.” The game should be on the way before the year ends.

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