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Perhaps after Nintendo’s upcoming conference in June, people can finally begin to move on from the mess that was their E3 2008 performance. While it would be difficult to argue that Nintendo greatly emphasized on the casual crowd last year, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter’s believes that Nintendo must appease the hardcore this time around.

“Last year, they focused on Wii Music, and this year, they have to focus on the hardcore. It’s been three years since the last Zelda game, and two years since Mario, so they have a lot to work with. Maybe something from the distant past, like Starfox or GoldenEye. Who knows? E3 is clearly the right venue for them to cater to the hardcore, as the entire hardcore fan base is paying attention.”

EA Sports Active video

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Thanks to _Contra_ for the news tip!

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Imagine if Wii Tanks and The Legend of Zelda had a baby. That baby’s name would be Frobot.

Campaign Mode

Play as Frobot and rescue your 6 robot girlfriends who have been mysteriously captured! Fight robots with your ricocheting energy blasts and timed mines. Solve physics puzzles using cranes, switches, and teleporters to rescue your girlfriends from certain doom! The Campaign Mode features 30 Levels spread across multiple environments such as a Disco and the classic Space Station.

Battle Mode

Up to 4 people can play in this breakdown battle royale! Choose from an assortment of weapons such as energy blasts, missiles, and mines. Then pick from over 10 stages with different obstacles such as destrucible walls, moving platforms, and teleporters!

The Munchables screenshots

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SEGA just sent these images our way…

“Daemon just heard that Swords & Soldiers won’t be out in the U.S. on Monday. Sad.” – IGN’s Twitter

It’s a shame that North America won’t be receiving Swords & Soldiers on Monday, but maybe Nintendo of America will finally add Majora’s Mask to the VC…Right?!


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