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“I’m not sure where ‘this is the final build’ stuff is coming from, because that is simply not true. The TGS “build” was mostly just a tech demo and is not the actual or final game, guys…I believe the situation is this: 1) the final game is almost done. 2) the final game is NOT the tech demo shown at Leipzig or TGS. The tech demo is a tech demo, and is not the final game. No press or media have yet seen the version of the game that Nikai was talking about when he said it was basically done. Someone at Capcom said there would be a new version of the game at TGS because that was the plan, but for reasons I dunno the details on, it didn’t happen. As for why we would show the same thing over again, it mostly boils down to different producers having different attitudes, and Nikai definitely has his own way of doing things. This is not a hair-splitting technicality, as I know a number of things have changed. I haven’t played the final build, so I dunno if it’s going to be 3000% different, but I have seen screenshots, and yes, there are more zombies on the screen and a few other notable changes. I can’t promise the moon without having actually played it, but I’m not trying to double-talk you here. The TGS build is not the final game, and there do appear to be some positive changes going forward.” – Seth Killian, Capcom Community Sr. Manager

What do you guys think? Impressions of the game have been more than critical, but as was mentioned, that was the final build. Will changes that have supposedly been made increase the title’s quality?

– Can use the nunchuck to walk (or just point with the Wiimote)
– Motion controls for some activities (fishing, chopping trees down)
– Menu bar is at the bottom of the screen, only appears when you point at it
– Pointer mainly used with the menus
– Can type letters with USB keyboard
– Example of a mini-game with another town resident: Hide-and seek: Find other residents before time runs out
– Events such as Harvest Festival, Halloween, fireworks are back but there are new events
– Green chameleon Nat can give you a net
– Dr. Shrunk one of the acts at the theater in the city

“We’re not making one at the moment, but we will have to see what comes out in the future. We will always try to make LEGO Games that people love, so keep your eyes peeled.” – Luk Cashmore, TT Games representative

I can actually imagine a Harry Potter LEGO video game. There’s already Star Wars and Indiana Jones variations, so why not Harry Potter? Obviously though, it’s not happening, but there more LEGO video games will arrive in the future.


“I think it’s time for No More Heroes to become serious. But it’s going to have humour, don’t worry. It won’t be too serious…I wasn’t that satisfied with the open world. I wanted to make a lot more stuff, more detail. So this time in No More Heroes 2, I want to take my revenge. And actually, the theme of No More Heroes 2 is revenge, so…” – Suda51

It’s good to know that No More Heroes 2 will take a more serious approach, though Suda seems to understand that there needs to be a balance between being serious and having some humor in the game. The first No More Heroes title was hilarious, so let’s hope that the sequel will provide a similar quality of humor.


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