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Super Mario RPG guides list, plus tips and tricks

Posted on December 10, 2023 by in Guides, Switch

Super Mario RPG guides tips tricks

The new Super Mario RPG remake is available now for Switch, and we’ve written a big list of helpful guides to help you tackle the game’s toughest challenges. For the most part, the new release is the same as the original SNES version – at least in terms of the story. The remake adds plenty of new postgame content, including boss challenges, new weapons, and even a short side quest. This is a list of all our Super Mario RPG guides, and we’ve also added a few general tips and tricks for those new to the game as well.

Super Mario RPG guides list

Super Mario RPG Guides List

Here’s our full list of Super Mario RPG guides, then. We’ve covered just about every major challenge the game has to offer – this ranges from boss rematches to completing the bestiary and everything in between. That being said, we’ll still update this page with a new guide once in a while, so feel free to bookmark this page and check back later to see what’s new. We’ve 100 percent completed the game by now, so if there are any additional Super Mario RPG guides you’d like to see written, let us know in the comments! Full completion of this game is rather tricky and we’re happy to help out.

General tips and tricks

Super Mario RPG Guides List

If you’ve never played Super Mario RPG before, it’s a rather easy turn-based game that serves as a great entry point to the RPG genre as a whole. What made this game unique upon its original release were action commands – you can press the attack button with good timing to increase the strength of the attack. In the remake, an exclamation point icon appears the moment you need to press the button. After you nail the timing a couple of times, though, that prompt disappears. If you’re bad with timing, you can actually switch to Breezy Mode in the in-game settings to make the timing slightly more lenient (and increase the experience points you earn in battle). Even the game’s normal mode was easy enough in our opinion, but it’s okay to switch to Breezy Mode if you’re having trouble. A few of the Super Mario RPG guides listed above go in-depth on winning certain battles, so you’ll definitely want to check those out.

It’s also important to remember to equip gear you obtain from shops and the overworld. Each of your party members has an implied role which is reflected by their stats. Mario does lean toward being an all-rounder, but he’s best as one of your main attackers. Geno is a frail magic user, Bowser is a slow tank with high attack power, Peach is a defensive healer, and Mallow is a support magic user. When you go to equip weapons and armor, keep your character’s role in mind. You don’t want to give super-defensive armor to Geno instead of Peach, for instance. We have more info on that in our best equipment page from our Super Mario RPG guides list.

There are also plenty of hidden treasures spread throughout the world of Super Mario RPG, and there’s actually a good way to detect these. In the basement of the Mushroom Kingdom’s item shop is an NPC who will give you the Signal Ring. This item emits a sound whenever a hidden treasure is in the room with you. Closer to the end of the game, you can obtain an Echo Signal Ring that can help you better pinpoint the location of the treasure. There’s also a Treasure Chest NPC in Monstro Town who tells you how many hidden treasures are left for you to find.

Super Mario RPG is available now for Switch, and you can check out the official site here. In the meantime, remember to let us know if you have any suggestions for future Super Mario RPG guides down below.

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