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A Space for the Unbound

Toge Productions and Mojiken Studio have shared a new trailer for A Space for the Unbound, an upcoming slice-of-life adventure game. Watch it below.

A Space for the Unbound will debut on Switch in 2022. We have more information about the project here.

When we first heard about A Space for the Unbound for Switch, the game was expected sometime this winter. It seems that the release window has shifted, as PQube – who will now be publishing the slice-of-life narrative adventure – says that it’s now slated for Q3 2021.

Here’s some information about A Space for the Unbound as well as a trailer:

Toge Productions will publish Mojiken Studio’s slice-of-life adventure game A Space for the Unbound on Switch, the latest issue of Famitsu reveals. A release is planned for this winter.

Here’s an overview of A Space for the Unbound: