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A Space for the Unbound physical

Original (8/7): Serenity Forge and Mojiken today announced a new physical release for A Space for the Unbound on Switch. A release is planned for Q1 2024.

Two versions are planned: standard and collector’s edition. Here’s what’s included in each of the A Space for the Unbound physical editions:

A Space for the Unbound gameplay

A Space for the Unbound just recently dropped on Switch, and new gameplay shows off the slice-of-life adventure game. A half hour of footage has gone live.

Learn more about the game in the following overview:

Slice-of-life adventure game A Space for the Unbound released today on Switch via the eShop, and to celebrate the occasion Nintendo have uploaded a launch trailer via Twitter for the title.

Catch up on the game with the overview below:

A Space for the Unbound release date

A Space for the Unbound has secured a final release date on Switch. The slice-of-life adventure game will release on January 19, 2023, it’s been confirmed.

A Space for the Unbound was originally revealed for Switch in April 2020. It was initially planned for that winter, but that didn’t happen in the end.

Learn more about the game in the following overview:

Back in August, it was announced that upcoming adventure game A Space for the Unbound was to be delayed indefinitely due friction between the game’s developers, Toge Productions and Mojiken Studio, and their publisher at the time, PQube. Thankfully, this situation has now been resolved, with PQube ceding publishing rights to Chorus Worldwide.

While Toge Productions is still set to publish the game on PC, Chorus Worldwide is picking up the publishing mantle as global publisher for all console versions. As such, it would seem that PQube will no longer be involved in the game’s launch, but the title should be getting primed for release once again.

Here is the full statement from the involved parties detailing release plans going forwards:

Mojiken Studio and Toge Productions, the primary developers of A Space for the Unbound, have announced that the game has been delayed indefinitely in light of accusations against PQube.

The issue comes down to PQube obtaining a diversity fund. While it was intended for developers, the company is accused of “intentionally withheld information about the grant and used it as a leverage for their own commercial gain.” It was further explained that PQube “hid the facts about the grant’s award and added it as a recoupable minimum guarantee and then used it to negotiate the increase of their revenue share.”

A Space for the Unbound march 2022 trailer

Today, publishers PQube and Toge Productions as well as developer Mojiken Studio debuted a new trailer for A Space for the Unbound. It shows off the latest development progress for the slice-of-life narrative adventure game.

In case you missed it previously, here’s some information about A Space for the Unbound:

Rising Hell physical

Rising Hell is seeing a physical release on Switch, Strictly Limited Games has announced in partnership with Chorus Worldwide Games and Toge Productions.

Fans will be able to choose between a limited edition or a Special Limited Edition. 2,200 copies and 1,800 copies of each will be made respectively. With the Special Limited Edition, buyers will receive a unique box, game manual, original graphic novel, original metal soundtrack on CD, art booklet, infernal poster (DIN A3), four character cards, and official logo sticker.

A Space for the Unbound

Toge Productions and Mojiken Studio have shared a new trailer for A Space for the Unbound, an upcoming slice-of-life adventure game. Watch it below.

A Space for the Unbound will debut on Switch in 2022. We have more information about the project here.

Rising Hell

Rising Hell, a vertical platformer rogue-lite, will be appearing on Switch later this month. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Rising Hell is scheduled for May 20 on Switch. More information and a trailer can be found here.

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