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Actos Games

psyscrolr’s first patch is launching next week, the game’s developer has confirmed. It will be available in North America starting on Tuesday.

Here’s what the update entails:

– New WOLF STATUE boss fight in 1-3’s Rover Level!
– New puzzles sprinkled throughout previous levels!
– Enemies have become tougher, such as the Twigmen!
– Touch Blocks on 1-3’s first level are now much easier to move and use!
– NEW CONTROLS! Y button for Slash, B to Jump, Right Stick for Blasts!
– A new door appears… What could it be?

To celebrate the patch’s arrival, psyscrolr will be going on sale next Tuesday for $2.79.


Actos Games announces new content for their latest release, exclusively on the Wii U eShop. In this first content update players will see improved controllability, new button inputs, and a fix for some of the game’s trickier puzzles. There will also be a new puzzle added to the second level.

Here are some additional details about the upcoming update:

The new content update will be called REIGN OF THE TWIG KING, will feature not only homages to famed Nintendo games Super Metroid, but upcoming titles including indie game Ghost Song. “We really love the Metroid series of games, and the genre that came out of it called ‘metroidvania’. In REIGN OF THE TWIG KING, we can have fans who enjoy that style of gameplay experience it in psyscrolr as well.” Jonathan Meyer, CEO of Actos Games stated.

The story of REIGN OF THE TWIG KING is based around the titular villain, who has seized full control over the Badgreens, the main area of the game that the Scrolr, the hero, traverses through. It’s up to the players to find out what exactly is the Twig King as well as figure out how to defeat him in an epic boss battle. Players will also encounter a new character, Milla. A rogue Magi who is mute, she finds herself befriending the Scrolr because of it.

The new update will also include puzzles based around new powers, new friendships, and new enemies. Achievements will be added to the game, as well as a brand new hidden mini-game for players to find.

Source: PR

Quite a few indie titles receive continued support after their initial release. That will be no different with psyscrolr, with developer Actos Games confirming that DLC is planned after launch. By doing so, Actos hopes to keep players interested with their title.

CEO Jonathan Meyer stated in an announcement yesterday:

“We feel the story of psyscrolr serves itself better updated over time. A more episodic feel invites players to want to come back to the world, continue their save, and find more. An example are the letters strewn throughout certain levels of the game. There are more secrets we plan to add in a further update, as well as hidden mini-games added to the game to enhance replayability with leaderboards and Miiverse features planned.”

psyscrolr is hitting the North American Wii U eShop this Thursday.

Source: Actos Games PR

Burlington, NC – October 3, 2014 – Actos Games, LLC., creator of their new Wii U exclusive title, psyscrolr, (pronounced “Sai-Scroller”) have released a new video series premiering every Friday called SageScrolr. The video series will help players understand the new ways the GamePad will be utilized in the upcoming anticipated platformer.

“psyscrolr has many new features, and we can’t wait to get them all in the hands of our players,” Jonathan Meyer, CEO of Actos Games, LLC. remarked. “Our innovative way that we use the GamePad to help players interact with the game is something we hope future indie platformers will look at and possibly follow in psyscrolr’s footsteps.”

Actos Games has confirmed plans to launch Psyscrolr on the Wii U eShop this fall.

Jonathan Meyer, founder of the studio, shared the news on Twitter:

Here’s an overview of the game shared a couple of months ago:

Welcome to the world of psyscrolr, a tale of a young man outcast from his society by gaining powers he never wanted or had. The Scrolr, which is the main character, must find his way through the beautiful landscapes while solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and uncovering the truth of his world while being hunted by the Magi; a sect of wizards who wish to put an end to the Scrolr’s new powers.

Utilizing the Wii U GamePad, interact with the world directly as you make contact from your world to the Scrolr’s world. Move objects, shoot fireballs, block hits… the touch is your greatest weapon.


Apexicon has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter. Since the game’s campaign launched, Actos Games has raised over $5,000.

Just a couple of days remain in Apexicon’s Kickstarter. You can donate to the project here.

Late last year, Actos Games launched a Kickstarter for its puzzle RPG “Apexicon”. But sadly, the campaign fell well short of the $15,000 goal.

Now Actos has returned with an enhanced Kickstarter, including a much lower target. The developer is seeking just $5,000 to fund Apexicon.

You can find Apexicon’s Kickstarter page here along with a bunch of details about the game.

Actos Games’ puzzle RPG “Apexicon” has a shot at coming to Wii U. The Wii U version will be made, thanks to the Nintendo Web Framework, if Kickstarter funds reach $20,000.

The game itself needs $15,000 in donations in order to reach its target goal. The Kickstarter ends on December 1st.

You can check out the official Kickstarter page here.

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