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Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival

Another round of footage is in showing the Desert Island Escape mode in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. Watch the latest video below.

At least in Europe, the only way to purchase Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival could be through the retail bundle. A listing on the eShop suggests that a digital version will not be made available. We don’t have official confirmation straight from Nintendo at the moment, but this is what we have to go on at the moment.


More footage of Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is now available. This time around, we have footage of the October month in the Board Game mode. Check out the video below.

Back in June, a European boxart image popped up, suggesting that Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival would support online play. This sadly appears to be untrue.

Having just played Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and spoken with a representative at a press event, GameXplain reports that there is no online multiplayer of any sort. Fans probably won’t be too pleased with that news!


More footage of Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival has come in, this time showing the Quiz Show mode. View the latest video below.

Nintendo UK sent out a new press release which shares additional details about Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. We hae information about another mode, Happy Home Designer functionality, and more. Additionally, we have a bunch of screenshots from the game as well. Find today’s content below.

21st October, 2015 – Get ready to take your friends and family to Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, launching exclusively for Wii U on 20th November. Take part in a digital board game set in the charming world of Animal Crossing, a series where players live in a unique and evolving town, make friends with the animal villagers and live life at their own leisure. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival invites up to four players – and their brand new amiibo – to a board that evolves as you play.

By using amiibo figures from the Animal Crossing series*, players can take control of fan-favourite characters like Isabelle, Tom Nook and K.K. and watch them come to life as they travel across the board, trying to collect as many Happy Points as possible. Players tap their amiibo figure to the Wii U GamePad to roll the dice and move along the board, with each space involving their character in a short sketch. These sketches see the characters star in quirky adventures around the town, whether it’s singing at the station for more Bells (the local currency in Animal Crossing), taking a trip to the shops, or visiting the town’s museum. Sketches don’t just affect your Bells and Happy Points, but show the world of Animal Crossing and its inhabitants in fun new ways that are sure to put a grin on everyone’s face.

Some members of the press recently went hands-on with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. New details have since come in about three of the different modes, along with some other information.

Here’s the latest:


– Different modes: Board Game, Desert Island Escape, Quiz Show
– Apparently some other things to do as well
– Might be 7-8 modes in total based on the different icons
– Some modes only work with cards, others only work with figures
– As you earn Happy Points, spend those to build up each attraction
– Add things to each attraction individually
– Ex: build new things for the Board Game mode by spending points
– This appears to affect gameplay and is more than just looks
– Individual amiibo can level up

Board Game

– 12 different boards
– Different board for each month of the year
– Choose the board youself
– Board months have a different theme (ex: snow in December)
– Each turn is 1 day of the month
– 30 turns in total (for the month)
– Day/night cycle will happen at the end of each turn
– Get the most Happy Points
– Do so by landing on certain spaces, sell turnips to get bells which you can exchange for Happy Points at the end of the game
– There aren’t really mini-games on the board
– Everything you land on can be like a mini-event where your character will take place in something at the town
– There are different directions you can go on the boards
– Buy turnips from Joan
– Each day, the turnip resell prices change
– Depending on when you buy/sell, you can get more bells for the turnips you buy
– Use the GamePad when buying turnips

Desert Island

– Brand new mode
– Uses the amiibo cards
– Play as a team of 3
– On a deserted island
– Each character has a different skill
– Ex: one character can find materials more easily than others, but isn’t good at making tools
– Choose which way you want to go on the island by moving to different hexagon spots
– Move up to 4 spaces per day
– Depending on where you go, you can forge for tools for materials
– At the end of each day, can choose to cook with ingrediants you gathered or make tools instead so you can go fishing the next day
– Ultimately need to gather tools to make a raft and get off the island
– Cat characters don’t need a fishing rod to fish
– If you’re in a pitfal, there’s a spinner that stops randomly on your face or the pit fal to get out

Quiz Show

– Just an Animal Crossing quiz show
– Up to 4 players
– Uses amiibo cards
– Tap your card to decide your character
– The mode is tough and is essentially for diehard fans
– When you want to answer, tap your amiibo card when the spotlight is on your character
– If you scan your card when the spotlight is on of your rivals, they answer instead
– You have to scan at the beginning of your turn


Desert Island Escape is one of the newly revealed modes in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. For a look at it, view the video below.

Footage has come in showing the Board Game mode in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. Check it out in the video below.

Nintendo sent out a bunch of art from Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival today, showing images of characters and more. View the full set below.

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