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Assemble Entertainment

Between Horizons

Today, publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer DigiTales Interactive revealed Between Horizons. The 2.5D pixel art sci-fi adventure launches for Switch in Q4 2023.

Between Horizons “challenges players to uncover the mysteries of their ship, the Zephyr, but with a catch: there’s only one shot to get it right. Explore the ship’s unique areas, get to know its inhabitants, and find clues that establish story connections until the full picture reveals itself – or not.” We have more information below.

Lacuna 1.0.3 update

Lacuna players on Switch have access to a new update, with version 1.0.3 having gone live recently.

Various improvements and fixes are included here. Different elements of the game have been improved, including polishing, UI, and art assets. Per usual, there are many bug fixes as well.

The full patch notes for the Lacuna version 1.0.3 update are as follows:

Publisher Assemble Entertainment have announced that Fall of the Porcupine will launch for Switch next year. Developed by and BUNTSPECHT.GAMES, the game is a story adventure inspired by Night in the Woods, and will explore themes such as the difficulties faced by healthcare workers whilst the player looks to uncover the mysteries surrounding the town of Porcupine.

Additional information about the game is expected to be revealed this coming Friday, August 26, as part of IGN’s Awesome Indies Show at Gamescom, and a free prologue titled Last Days of Summer is already available on Steam, although it is not currently known if this will come to Switch.

Here’s an overview of the game via its Steam page:

XEL update

A new update is here for XEL on Switch with the team having prepared version

After installing the patch, players will have access to a couple of new additions. A slew of bug fixes are included as well.

The full patch notes for XEL’s version update are as follows:

Squad 51 vs. The Flying Saucer

Squadron 51 has a new name, as it’s now known as Squad 51 vs. The Flying Saucers. Additionally, it has been given an updated Fall 2022 release window.

The project was first announced for Switch way back in 2018. There have been a few delays since then, as it has been most recently on track for last year. If all goes well, the game hopefully won’t be pushed back any further.

Bound by Blades

The action RPG Bound by Blades is heading to Switch, publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Zeth revealed today. A release is planned for Q4 2022.

Bound by Blades is a boss-rush-style RPG that focuses on challenging combat and crafting. Players will go on a journey through the magical world of Ashmyr, a once thriving land now left desolate and filled with the bloodthirsty enemies Ilcyon.

XEL gameplay

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XEL gameplay

XEL has arrived on Switch, and new gameplay has shown off the action-adventure title. 37 minutes of footage is now available.

You can learn more about XEL in the following overview:

xel trailer

Assemble Entertainment and Tiny Roar have issued a launch trailer for XEL, their new action-adventure game. This comes ahead of the Switch debut later t his week.

Learn more about XEL in the following overview: 

XEL release date

Today, publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Tiny Roar announced a final release date for XEL. The action adventure title will arrive for Switch on July 14, 2022.

XEL was first revealed for Switch last August. It most recently had a general Summer 2022 release window.

XEL gameplay trailer

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Tiny Roar have issued a first look gameplay trailer for XEL, an action-slash-sci-fi game. It shows off various landscapes and puzzle levels, not to mention the core mechanic of time travel.

Here’s an overview of XEL, courtesy of Assemble:

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