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Attack on Titan 2

Attack on Titan 2 launches on Switch this coming week. We have a bunch of footage of the game running on Nintendo’s console in English below.

Koei Tecmo published the opening movie for Attack on Titan 2, which is coming to Switch. View the video below.

Attack on Titan 2 - Predator Mode

Koei Tecmo posted an hour-long Attack on Titan 2 pre-launch special today. Along with showing a bunch of gameplay, new information was revealed.

First, here’s the show in full:

Two more videos have surfaced for Attack on Titan 2. The first one shows off the latest gameplay with Mikasa Ackerman voice actress Yui Ishikawa and Armin Arlelt voice actress Marina Inoue while the second is a Levi event scene video. We have both below.

Koei Tecmo has posted yet another video showing characters in their “Civilian Clothes” outfits. The latest one, featuring Annie Leonhart and Jean Kirschtein, can be seen below.

Koei Tecmo published another video showing some Attack on Titan 2 gameplay featuring characters in their civilian outfits. This time, it’s Mikasa’s and Armin’s turn:

Koei Tecmo released two new Attack on Titan 2 videos today, and we have both below. The first one is a gameplay video featuring Mikasa Ackerman voice actress Yui Ishikawa and Armin Arlelt voice actress Marina Inoue. We also have a fourth commercial attached.

A ton of gameplay has surfaced showing Attack on Titan 2 running on Switch. Have a look at 30 minutes of footage below.

Update: Added in a multiplayer highlight trailer below as well.

Original: Koei Tecmo uploaded a couple of English trailers for Attack on Titan 2 today. Videos focused on the custom character and combat are posted below.

Following two similar videos earlier this week, Koei Tecmo published another Attack on Titan 2 gameplay video today. This one shows off Sasha and Conny in their civilian outfits:

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