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Minecraft Legends development ending

Minecraft Legends‘ development is coming to an end, Mojang Studios has announced.

Snow vs Snouts is the final Lost Legend for the game. It includes a new combat style in which players look to destroy piglin bases from afar, using an enhanced version of the powerful redstone launcher. The launcher in this Lost Legend offers a faster cooldown and (de)construction rate for more mobility and greater attack power, along with its own knockback effect.

Minecraft Legends update 1.18.11153

Minecraft Legends has received what’s said to be the game’s biggest content update yet.

Some of the highlights include the Frog Mount available in campaign and versus, potion-wielding witches, cauldron structures, and the clanger. Players can also access new custom options, new settings, improvements, and fixes.

Here’s the full rundown:

Minecraft Legends update 1.17.50310

Minecraft Legends just got a major update, and the title has moved up to version 1.17.50310. Patch notes are available.

Today’s update includes many improvements based on player. Highlights include improved PvP communication, custom game options for Campaign and PvP, refund mobs at spawners, reworked campaign prologue flow, revamped Banner View experience, and other quality of life improvements.

Here’s the rundown in full:

Minecraft Legends update 1.17.44512

Mojang Studios has put out a new update for Minecraft Legends, with the game moving up to version 1.17.44512.

A bunch of gameplay improvements have been implemented. Highlights include improvements to the matchmaking lobbies to get more players matched into games together, Banner View now shows health bars for enemy structures, an optimized and shorter flow of the prologue, mob balance improvements, and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

Minecraft Legends update 1.17.31319

Minecraft Legends is back with another update, and version 1.17.31676 is available.

This update includes a variety of improvements to top issues that have been reported by players. Also, it should be noted that a new Lost Legend is coming soon.

The full patch notes for the Minecraft Legends version 1.17.31676 update are as follows:

Minecraft Legends update 1.17.28951

Another update has been made available for Minecraft Legends, and the Switch version is now at version 1.17.28951.

A number of improvements have been made to matchmaking, performance, and more. The Switch version also received some specific improvements.

The full patch notes for the Minecraft Legends version 1.17.28951 update are as follows:

Minecraft Legends gameplay

Minecraft Legends just released, and we have a ton of gameplay. Nearly an hour of footage is available for the Switch version.

Here’s the eShop description with more details:

Minecraft Legends update version 1.17.24827

Minecraft Legends has just come to Switch, and with it, a version 1.17.24827 update has been made available. This is a day one patch that players will want to download.

The update includes a bunch of fixes, including for crashes and performance. A variety of other adjustments and some small adjustments are also in.

The full patch notes for the Minecraft Legends version 1.17.24827 update are as follows:

Minecraft Legends trailer

Minecraft Legends has been officially released, and we have one last trailer to celebrate. The video gives us another look at the action-strategy title.

For additional information, check out the following overview:

Minecraft Legends release date

A final release date has just been announced for Minecraft Legends. Switch owners can get their hands on the game starting April 18, 2023.

Minecraft Legends was first announced for Switch last June with a general 2023 launch window. Then in October, we found out that it was planned for the coming spring.

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