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Chucklefish just put out a new Wargroove gameplay trailer that shows some updated footage of battle scenes, groove animations, animated cut-scenes, naval combat, the overworld map, as well as some map editor scenes. Watch it below.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley was finally updated on Switch this week, bringing along the big multiplayer feature. Have a look at some footage showing it off below.

Stardew Valley

ConcernedApe has announced that the long-awaited multiplayer update for Stardew Valley arrives on Switch this week. Version 1.3 will be live on December 12.

When playing with others, Stardew Valley will support online voice chat as well as a new chat box feature that has colored text and close to 200 custom emojis. It’s also possible for 2-4 Switch consoles to connect via local wireless and play together over a short distance without the need for a Nintendo Switch Online account.

Chucklefish has shared a new piece of music from Wargroove’s soundtrack. The latest song is “Bounding Joy”, the main theme for commander Caesar. We have the track below.

Stardew Valley

The multiplayer update for Stardew Valley is one step closer to landing on Switch. Today, Chucklefish confirmed that it’s now in submission.

At the start of October, it was announced that the big update was in the QA phase. Once it’s been approved by Nintendo, it’ll be ready for release. We could be seeing it before the year ends, but early 2019 is also a possibility.


Chucklefish has shared a new piece of music from Wargroove’s soundtrack. The latest song is “Creeping Ivy”, the main theme for commander Sedge. We have the track below.

Stardew Valley collector's edition

Stardew Valley hasn’t seen a retail release in the west, but in Japan, something special is in the works. Publisher Oizumi Amuzio announced today that a collector’s edition is happening.

Aside from the game itself, a special box along with three bonus items will be included. Fans will be given the original soundtrack, a map of Pelican Town, and a beginner’s guidebook.

Stardew Valley’s Japanese collector’s edition goes on sale starting January 31. Pricing is set at 3,500 yen.



One of the more anticipated indie games in the works for Switch is Wargroove. First confirmed for the console last March, Chucklefish has been toying away on development since then. There’s one major question fans have, though: when will it launch? That’s something Chucklefish has now addressed.

The last release window given for Wargroove was during the second half of 2018. Unfortunately, that’s no longer happening. The good news is that Wargroove is “in the final stages of development”. However, we’ll now be seeing it in Q1 2019 “to allow us to provide players with a really robust package when the big day comes”.

Games developed by Chucklefish are no laughing matter and my excitement levels for their upcoming game Wargroove, are off the scale. However, the most I’d seen of Wargroove was a couple of ancient trailers and the odd tweet. Thus, I took it upon myself to fish out a little more info and I was delighted with what I found. Now that I’m ready to boogie on down to the tactical groove, it’s time to prepare you for battle, as the war is almost here.

Stardew Valley launched on Switch one year ago. To celebrate, developer ConcernedApe shared a message with Switch owners through the system’s news feature.

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