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The long-awaited 1.5 update for Stardew Valley has just gone live on PC. It’s not available on consoles just yet, but ConcernedApe says that this should be happening in early 2021.

Version 1.5 includes major late-game content, with ConcernedApe stating that the update is “by far the biggest solid chunk of new content that’s been added to the game since launch.”

You can find a brief overview of a few notable elements below, along with a very comprehensive changelog.

ConcernedApe is continuing to tease Stardew Valley’s major 1.5 update. Today, a couple of new elements were introduced.

Players can look forward to the “Beach Farm” farm type as well as the “Advanced Game Options” menu. Note that these new options will only be available when making a new form. Aside from one exception, they can’t be changed once you’ve started the game.

Stardew Valley is currently available on Switch. A release window for the update has not yet been announced.


Stardew Valley had its physical release debut in the west today, including a special collector’s edition. Check out an unboxing video for it below.

ConcernedApe continues to slowly share information about the major 1.5 update for Stardew Valley. In a message shared on social media, the developer confirmed that splitscreen co-op will be added. We have a first look above.

It was previously stated that the next update will let players move their beds. There have been a couple of other teases, too.

A release window for Stardew Valley version 1.5 has not yet been announced.


Game Informer has a new interview up with Eric Barone, the man behind ConcernedApe. The two sides chatted about some interesting topics, including marriage candidates/options for your kids, delivering free updates, and what lies ahead for the franchise.

Here’s the full roundup:

ConcernedApe has teased the big 1.5 update for Stardew Valley. Another screenshot was shared today, which you can find above.

The 1.5 update was announced back in February. Last month, it was confirmed that players will be able to move their beds.

Stardew Valley originally launched for Switch back in October 2017. A new physical version is coming soon.


Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe is continuing to tease fans about the next major update. Earlier today, it was revealed that version 1.5 will allow players to move their beds. While it may seem like a small detail, fans have been showing their enthusiasm since hearing about the news.

Stardew Valley version 1.5 was first announced in February. We haven’t heard too much about what’s in store aside from today’s tidbit, but we did get a new tease last month. 

The previous content update for Stardew Valley, version 1.4, launched last December. You can learn more about it here.


ConcernedApe has partnered with Fangamer on a physical version of Stardew Valley for the west. Fans can purchase a standard copy or collector’s edition.

If you go with the collector’s edition, you’ll receive the following goodies:

ConcernedApe has been tinkering away on a new 1.5 update for Stardew Valley. There’s no word yet on when it’ll be finished, but the developer teased fans today with a small post on social media.

ConcernedApe shared the screenshot above while asking if fans noticed anything new in Willy’s Shop. There’s now a door behind Willy plus a sign that the door leads to some sort of ship. Fans can also expect “a significant new piece of end-game content and much more”.

Right now the 1.5 update is said to be “coming along steadily.” ConcernedApe mentioned that it’s in a “nose to the grindstone” phase, but the team have met “some good milestones”.

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While nothing concrete has been established, if this tweet is to be believed, we could be seeing a physical release on Switch for Stardew Valley. Single-man team ConcernedApe has put a lot of time and effort into continued updates for the game, and while the game did see a physical Switch release in Japan, Western fans have only had access to digital copies via the eShop. That being said, would you like to see a physical release for Stardew Valley? Leave a comment below.