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Stardew Valley

ConcernedApe published a trailer for the upcoming multiplayer update in Stardew Valley. Take a look at the video below.

No word yet on when Stardew Valley multiplayer is Switch bound, but we’re one step closer since the PC, Mac, and Linux versions were given a date of August 1. It’ll be on Switch “soon”.

Stardew Valley made significant strides with multiplayer this week. While the major feature isn’t ready for Switch yet, a beta version was finally widely released on Steam. Publisher Chucklefish showed off some extensive footage on Twitch today, and you can watch the full recording below.

ConcernedApe provided the latest status update for Stardew Valley’s multiplayer update today. Currently, the developer is sorting out bugs. If all goes well, it could be wrapped up in about a month.

ConcernedApe tweeted the following a short while ago:

It’s not immediately clear when Stardew Valley’s multiplayer update will be available on Switch, but the point is that we should be seeing it sooner rather than later. We’ll continue to share news about the patch as we have it.


Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe has long been working on a multiplayer update. On top of that, new content will be included as part of the upcoming patch.

On Twitter yesterday, ConcernedApe shared the latest on the update. First, multiplayer functionality “is in QA and bugs are being fixed at a very good pace”. And most important of all, players will now be able to place hats on horses.


ResetERA recently sent some questions to Chucklefish. Technical director Rodrigo Monteiro, programmer Tom Coxon, and CEO / designer Finn Brice were asked about a wide variety of topics, many of which were Nintendo-related. The team discussed Pocket Rumble’s delay, why Stardew Valley doesn’t have touch controls on Switch, cross-platform play for Wargroove, future support, and the possibility of Starbound on Nintendo’s console.

You can find the full roundup on these topics below. For the full interview, head on over here.

ConcernedApe is still tinkering away on Stardew Valley’s big 1.3 update, with some help from Chucklefish. The game will be getting multiplayer support as well as some new content.

This week, ConcernedApe provided an update on what’s to come for Stardew Valley. Here’s the full rundown:

ConcernedApe began to tease new content for Stardew Valley last month. It was said at the time that it will be released alongside the free multiplayer update. Today, ConcernedApe provided brand new information that will be included.

Here’s the official word from the developer:

Stardew Valley’s new content and multiplayer update will go live on Switch sometime in 2018.


Chucklefish provided the latest information about Stardew Valley in a new blog post today. A status update for the upcoming multiplayer update was given, and we also have another tease for new content coming to the game. You can find the news in full below.

Chucklefish has been hard at work ironing out the Switch version of Stardew Valley. The most recent patch has been released, and the accompanying patch notes have been posted below.

ConcernedApe is currently hard at work on a multiplayer feature for Stardew Valley that will be added in a future update. Additionally, something else is planned that will also be impact single-player.

ConcernedApe teased on Twitter:

The tease above is all we have to go on at the moment. Hopefully we’ll have more news to share in the weeks ahead.


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