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Comcept CEO Keiji Inafune will be joined by 8-4 executive director Mark MacDonald for a panel at this year’s Game Developers Conference.

The event, titled “Meanwhile, In Japan”, will cover lessons learned from crowdfunding Mighty No. 9 and other trends in the Japanese game industry. Inafune and MacDonald will also discuss the advantages/disadvantages of creating modern Japanese games aimed at a western audience, the response to new business models from a developer and player perspective, and the progress of the Japanese indie scene.

Here’s the full overview posted on Gamasutra:

During a session at D.I.C.E. Summit 2014, Keiji Inafune provided a look at the design for Mighty. No 7 – one of the robots set to be included in Mighty No. 9. You can find all of the art pieces in the gallery above.


Mighty No. 9 may be heavily inspired by the likes of Mega Man, but with the upcoming game, Keiji Inafune and his team hope to “betray the fans in a good way.” Inafune told Joystiq that they’re looking to try “something unexpected” and “different” while also “keeping that classic Japanese action that people are looking forward to.”

Inafune said:

“Although it has very many similar elements to past titles such as Mega Man, we’re trying to do something new with it. Something different, something that will, in a manner of speaking, betray the fans in a good way. Completely do something unexpected, as well as keeping that classic Japanese action that people are looking forward to.”

Inafune didn’t elaborate beyond this, unfortunately. Fans will simply need to stay tuned for more details, though thankfully, information is released regularly.


In 2014, Keiji Inafune of Comcept would like to have “The Year of the Attack”.

Inafune, speaking to 4Gamer, said that for titles like Mighty No. 9, the studio wants to be able to move content on its own. Comcept will of course welcome partners and publishers and work hard alongside them, given the opportunity.

Additionally, Comcept really wants to focus and increase the range on its own content. Along with gaming areas, they want to see how far the extent of their content can go.

In all of that, Inafune believes that 2014 will be a very fun year.

Mighty No. 9 fans have chosen the design for Call, Beck’s partner in the upcoming game. “Call F”, made by Inti Creates’ Yuuji Natsume, was ultimately selected. The design ultimately garnered 43.39% of the vote.


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