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Deck Nine

Square Enix and Deck Nine have readied a new trailer for Life is Strange Remastered Collection, which is planned for Switch. The package will be available on Switch later this year.

Here’s some information about Life is Strange Remastered Collection:

Square Enix and Deck Nine have debuted the first gameplay from Life is Strange Remastered Collection. The five-minute clip showcases enhanced versions of first two games in the series with updated character models, improved motion capture, and more.

The improvements include:

Life is Strange Remastered Collection, which was planned for February 1, has now been delayed specifically on Switch.

All other platforms will be getting the title in a couple of weeks as last planned. However, Switch players will need to wait until later in 2022.

The full statement regarding the Life is Strange Remastered Collection Switch delay reads:

System: Switch
Release date: December 7, 2021
Developer: Deck Nine
Publisher: Square Enix

While the choose-your-own-adventure genre has evolved and continued to grow over time, its increase in popularity over the years has resulted in it becoming a dedicated place to tell some of the most emotional stories. These games offer tailored experiences thanks to the multiple routes, events, and endings that can happen from player to player. Life is Strange was a fresh take at the time from newly formed studio Dontnod Entertainment that told a slice-of-life story with slight superpower-esque flavoring. It also featured a teenage main character that immediately set itself apart from the other gritty, more fantasy-based stories within the genre, connecting with tons of players on both a personal and emotional level. With unparalleled writing and plenty of jaw-dropping moments that constantly had the internet talking about what was coming next, it quickly catapulted to the forefront of the industry. Life is Strange: True Colors now marks the latest entry of the franchise almost seven years later and does a few things differently from past entries, but this also marks the series’ debut on a Nintendo system and a relatively impressive showing at that.

Life is Strange: True Colors landed on Switch this week, and if you’re curious as to how the port turned out, we now have some gameplay to share. The video showcases a half hour of footage.

Here’s an overview of Life is Strange: True Colors:

Life is Strange: True Colors finally lands on Switch today, and we have a new trailer to celebrate. Square Enix’s video showcases both animation and gameplay.

Here’s an overview of Life is Strange: True Colors:

It took a bit longer than expected, but Life is Strange: True Colors will initially begin to appear on Switch next month. Square Enix has now shared a little bit of insight into bringing the game to the console.

The company says that Life is Strange: True Colors for Switch “was developed specifically for the Nintendo platform.” The team was “committed to creating the best possible native experience by optimizing visuals and performance.” Square Enix added that there were “many technical changes to the game which included reworking every character model, environmental object, and all foliage across the game, as well as completely rebuilding the lighting engine.”

Life is Strange: True Colors has received a final release date on Switch from Square Enix and Deck Nine. The digital version is arriving first, and is planned for December 7. The physical version is planned for February 25, 2022.

The Switch version of Life is Strange: True Colors was originally lined up for September 10 alongside all other platforms. However, it was pushed back on Nintendo’s console prior to launch.

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection now has a final release date, with Square Enix and Deck Nine confirming today that the package is scheduled for February 1, 2022.

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection includes Life is Strange Remastered and Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered. It includes remastered character and environment visuals, a new engine and lighting upgrades, and new fully motion captured facial animation in Life is Strange. Before the Storm contains the Deluxe content – specifically outfits, the ‘Farewell’ episode, and Zombie Crypt outfit.

Square Enix and Deck Nine have posted a new trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors, the latest entry in the acclaimed graphic adventure series.

Here’s an overview of the game with more information:

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