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Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake Collector's Edition

Square Enix has announced a special collector’s edition for Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake. Note that quantities are limited.

Aside from the game, players will be given extra goodies. Each unit includes a collectible game case storage box, character and monster acrylic blocks complete set, Adventure Accessory Kit (in-game item), and two digital wallpapers for PC. The Adventurous Accessory Kit contains a Strength Ring, Dragon Scale, Words of Wisdom, and Cat Suit.

More information about the storage box and acrylic blocks set can be found below.

Dragon Quest I II III HD-2D Remake

The HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest III popped up during today’s Nintendo Direct with the latest news from Square Enix, and it was also revealed that Dragon Quest I & II are getting the same treatment. 

This release has taken a turn since when it was first announced. Originally, Square Enix unveiled the game in 2021, and that was only for an HD-2D version of Dragon Quest III. There was never any thought that the first two titles in the series would be getting the same treatment, though fans have more recently speculated that they could be a part of the package. The move makes sense as Dragon Quest I-III are part of the same story.

Thanks to Square Enix, we have the following details:

Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake Switch

Square Enix finally provided an update on its Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake today, and made it official that the game is coming to Switch. The update comes as the series celebrates its latest anniversary.

Fans have wondering about the status of the Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake since its announcement three years ago. Square Enix unveiled the project during a presentation that announced other games for the franchise as well. However, it’s more or less been missing in action since then.

Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake development

Famitsu recently spoke with Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii, and received a brief status update on the HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest III.

Speaking with the publication, Horii said that the project’s development is progressing steadily. He’s also providing advice to the team seeing as how he worked on the original game way back in the day.

Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake news

Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii has provided a brief update on Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake, stating that Square Enix may have news to share in the not-so-distant future.

That tidbit of information came about in an interview with Famitsu. Hori also said that along with Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake, Square Enix is working hard on Dragon Quest XII.

During the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary stream, series creator Yuji Horii announced that Dragon Quest III is being remade in HD-2D. He explained that this was due to the popularity of the game. However, it seems that Horii’s plans go past just a Dragon Quest III remake and on to also remaking the first and second games in the HD-2D style.

He started talking about this during the 35th anniversary live stream after announcing the Dragon Quest III Remake and saying that “Maybe afterwards, we maybe make [Dragon Quest] 1 and 2.” He continued by saying “So, we’re thinking maybe 3 we can start, and then maybe 1 and 2 there would be some kind of unexpected surprise.”

Eventually, the other presenter flat-out asked if Horii was planning on remaking the first 2 games in HD-2D as well, and he answered with “Well, we want too.” 

So, while these remakes are not official, it seems pretty likely that the Dragon Quest team has plans to bring the first 2 games to HD-2D after Dragon Quest III. This whole exchange was translated by an official translator on the live stream, so if you’d like to take a look at the original clip, check it out below (starts at 50:00)!

The physical version of Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III will launch on October 24, Square Enix has announced.

Currently, the package has only been announced for Asia. All three games will still support English in addition to Chinese and Korean.

You can pre-order a physical copy on Play-Asia here.

Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III are out on Switch starting today. To celebrate, series creator Yuji Horii has shared a new message with fans.

It reads in full:

The first three entries in the Dragon Quest series launch on Switch worldwide tomorrow. For a look at gameplay from each one, check out the footage below.

During the Japanese version of this week’s Nintendo Direct, Square Enix revealed that the first three Dragon Quest games are coming to Switch this month. While there hasn’t been any news for the west, it looks like there will be an English option available.

Square Enix Asia has indicated that those same three Dragon Quest games will be distributed in Asia “as one packaged bundle.” English, Traditional Chinese, and Korean language options will be supported.

Square Enix Asia mentions that the release will be taking place sometime in 2019.


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