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Eastasiasoft announced today that it is teaming up with developer Bromio to give Pato Box a physical release. Play-Asia will be selling the game exclusively.

Standard copies of Pato Box will be sold for $29.99 on Switch. A limited edition will also be distributed for $39.99. Pre-orders for both versions go live on March 7.

As of tomorrow, Blue Rider will be available as a digital download on the Switch eShop. Take a look at some footage below.

Blue Rider

Eastasiasoft Limited has announced a partnership with Argentinian developer Ravegan to bring the 3D shoot’em up Blue Rider to Switch. A worldwide release is planned for December 13.

Here’s an overview, along with a trailer:

Iro Hero

This information comes straight from eastasiasoft / Artax Games…

Due to unforeseen circumstances Iro Hero has been delayed in North America, and won’t be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop in the region until late June or early July. We’ll let you know the new release date as soon as it’s confirmed.

Eastasiasoft Limited and 2Awesome Studio have announced that the shoot’em up Dimension Drive will be the first release in the eastasiasoft physical lineup for Switch. Currently available as a digital download on the eShop, Dimension Drive will be available through selected retail partners and

Standard and limited edition releases are planned. For the limited edition, only 3,000 copies will be produced.

The limited edition contains the following:

Iro Hero

Artax Games and eastasiasoft are releasing the vertical shoot ’em up Iro Hero on the Switch eShop today. Get a look at some footage below.

Lost Sea

Lost Sea developer eastasiasoft has taken to Twitter to share news about the game’s initial debut on Switch. The company is pleased with sales up to this point.

According to eastasiasoft, more copies have been sold on Switch compared to some other platforms over the past two years. This include units sold via pre-load.

eastasiasoft also says that more than 50% of sales are coming from Japan.


Lost Sea

Lost Sea arrives on the Switch eShop in various regions tomorrow. Get a look at some footage in the video below.

Lost Sea

eastasiasoft teased its first game for Switch last week. Based on eShop listings, the title in question appears to be Lost Sea.

Lost Sea is an action-adventure game that takes place inside the Bermuda Triangle. Players will find themselves stranded on the shores of an unknown island following a storm over the Atlantic, and will be looking for a way to escape.

eastasiasoft has sold a number of physical titles through Play-Asia. While that has mainly been limited to PlayStation platforms in the past, Switch is about to receive some attention as well.

Play-Asia has stated that the first release in its collection will go on sale in June. It’s not yet clear which game is planned, though we’ll be haring about it this month. All limited editions in the collection will cost $34.99 – the same amount as PlayStation systems.


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