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Eiyuden Chronicle

Eiyuden Chronicle has achieved massive success on Kickstarter after the campaign went live earlier today. In just a few hours, the project already exceeded $1 million. In addition to the main funding goal, the console stretch goal has been met as well.

Based on what we’ve heard from Rabbit & Bear Studios, we should be seeing Eiyuden Chronicle on some sort of Nintendo console. Whether it’s Switch or something else, however, remains to be seen. A new Nintendo console is clearly the team’s goal, but it sounds like they’re willing to put in the work for a Switch version as well.

Here’s the official statement from Rabbit & Bear Studios for those that missed it earlier today:

Eiyuden Chronicle, the new RPG from the creators of Suikoden and the just-established Rabbit & Bear Studios, has just launched its Kickstarter campaign.

The main funding goal sits at about $500,000. A console stretch goal awaits at $1 million, which includes support for Nintendo platforms.

Regarding a release on Switch or Nintendo’s successor to the console, Rabbit & Bear Studios states:

A couple of days ago, Rabbit & Bear Studios announced Eiyuden Chronicle. It’s one to keep an eye out on as the project is being developed by some notable developers, including the creator of Suikoden.

Ahead of the Kickstarter campaign’s launch next week, we caught up with director Yoshitaka Murayama to learn more about the Tokyo-based studio, how the game came to be, the art style, the team’s desire to make a unique RPG, and other topics. If you’re interested in learning more about Eiyuden Chronicle be sure to read up on our interview below.

Eiyuden Chronicle will be launching on Kickstarter next week. The game comes from Rabbit & Bear Studios, which includes staff members behind Suikoden and more. For those curious about what the plan is as far as supporting Nintendo is concerned, we received clarification straight from the developer.

The initial goal for Eiyuden Chronicle will be for PC. However, a console stretch goal will be visible on the official Kickstarter page, which will list “Nintendo next-generation”.

IGN Japan has shared the first gameplay clip from Eiyuden Chronicle, the newly-announced JRPG from Rabbit & Bear Studios. Check it out below.

A group of experienced game developers have come together to establish Rabbit & Bear Studios, a new company based out of Tokyo. The team, which features talent that includes the former creators of Suikoden, have also revealed their debut title – an JPG titled Eiyuden Chronicle.

Here’s what fans can expect from the game: