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fan art

Well, this is one of the creepiest things I’ve seen… certainly when it comes to Pikachu! You have to wonder where the inspiration for this kind of thing comes from!

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What would EarthBound look like with 3D visuals? Designer Christopher Behr has come up with an answer of his own. Check out Behr’s work above – it’s quite impressive.

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The incredible Mario mural above is located at an elementary school in the city of Shenzhen. As for why it was put up, it’s said to give children something to aspire to and helps reduce fears about attending school. The school also puts a considerable amount of focus in anime and manga education, though it’s true that Mario is actually a video game.

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Zelda fan Mario Mayer has created an impressive, real-life Majora’s Mask replica. Three months were needed to put the thing together. You can find various photos of the piece above.

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