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FDG Entertainment

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom will be coming to Switch at some point. For now though, watch over 10 minutes of gameplay with the video below.

Developer FDG Entertainment has updated the Monster Boy blog to let us know that they are in the ending stages of the development cycle. It seems that the game is almost finished but they still have to polish some details. After receiving some feedback, they reworked the face of the protagonist, Jin, and the fantastic graphics really look colorful.

Monster Boy will get a simultaneous release for all systems including Switch, but it’s too soon to have a launch date yet.

Finally, FDG Entertainment will be showcasing their games at PAX South from Jan. 27, 2017 to Jan. 29, 2017 and are looking forward to meet any of their fans.


A few days ago, FDG Entertainment confirmed two Switch games for the first half of 2017. The first was widely assumed to be Oceanhorn as the company recently said earlier this month that the Zelda-inspired title would be released on an unspecified Nintendo title. Now we have further evidence of Oceanhorn making the jump to Switch as well as an indication of the second title.

Take a look at these two tweets:

Notice anything special? That’s right: both have Switch included in the hashtags. If those games weren’t bound for the new system, it wouldn’t make much sense including Switch!


FDG Entertainment will release two titles for Switch sometime during the first half of 2017, the publisher has announced.

Writing on Twitter, the company said:

We do know that FDG Entertainment recently announced Oceanhorn for a Nintendo platform. That’s almost certainly one of the two games they’re referring to here.


The Game Atelier ended up cancelling its Kickstarter project Flying Hamsters 2 and morphed it into the Wonder Boy spiritual sequel Monster Boy. The game is finally wrapping up development and should be launching in a few months – but not on Nintendo platforms just yet.

Publisher FDG Entertainment said last year that Wonder Boy would be considered for Wii U. As of now, that’s still the case. The team currently has its hands full with current platforms, though if Wonder Boy sells well, that’ll increase the chances of something like a Wii U version.

FDG Entertainment wrote in a blog post recently:

“We hear you loud and clear! There’s PS Vita, WiiU and even more. We totally agree that these platforms need to get Monster Boy, too! We love Nintendo! However, it’s impossible for us to work on all portings at the same time. Also, the game needs to sell well enough so we’re able to finance the porting work as it can be very time consuming. Since we don’t have any guarantee for success, we just can’t announce additional platforms at the moment.”

Thanks to Dry Bone Koopa for the tip.


Yesterday, FDG Entertainment announced that it has teamed up with The Game Atelier to make Monster Boy And The Wizard Of Booze. It’s intended to be a spiritual sequel to SEGA’s Wonder Boy series. Interestingly enough, Ryuichi Nishizawa – the creator of Wonder Boy – is providing input.

Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze may look familiar. That’s because The Game Atelier is taking what it created with the cancelled Flying Hamster 2 project, and turning it into something new. Monster Boy And The Wizard Of Booze features a new hero and removes the hamsters. Other elements have been improved/changed as well. You can learn more in an official post here.

Monster Boy And The Wizard Of Booze is currently coming to the PlayStation 4, PC and “more” formats. It sounds like a Wii U version could happen, as FDG’s Thomas Kern told Nintendo Life the following:

It’s a pretty exciting day as we didn’t expect such an overwhelming positive response from the Internet. After all, there hasn’t been any news about the series for years.

We love the Wii U but for the moment I can’t confirm anything. It’s definitely considered as we believe Nintendo fans would appreciate the game.


Game Atelier has pulled the plug on its Kickstarter for Flying Hamster II. The studio is planning a relaunch in the future, which will include “a new approach and lots of improvements”.

Even more notable is that Game Atelier is teaming up with publisher FDG Entertainment to produce the game. Flying Hamster II will initially come to Steam, and “other ports will follow later.” Hopefully that means we’ll still be seeing the title on Nintendo platforms at some point in the future.