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First 4 Figures

Last week, First 4 Figures teased a brand new Zelda statue based on the character’s appearance in Breath of the Wild. Pre-orders have now opened, and we have a trailer as well.

Here’s a description of the statue:

First 4 Figures has announced that it is creating a new statue for Zelda based on her appearance in Breath of the Wild. We don’t have all of the details just yet, but a teaser video has been published.

Here’s a look:

More information is expected when pre-orders open soon.

First 4 Figures has revealed a special statue based on Luigi’s Mansion 3. The 9″ PVC collectible features Luigi and Polterpup. This exclusive edition comes with both the Poltergust G-00 and Polterpup feature bright LED functions. Additionally, on its limited numbered base are glow-in-the-dark paw prints trailing behind Polterpup.

Here’s a trailer:

First 4 Figures has opened pre-orders for its new Mario and Yoshi statue following its reveal last week. You can put in a reservation here.

There are three different options to choose from, but each one is pricey. Pricing for the standard, exclusive, and definitive editions are set at $500, $525, and $675 respectively. The definitive edition adds a Yoshi egg with embedded magnets and a magnetized base for it to rest on.

First 4 Figures has revealed its next project: a brand new statue featuring Mario and Yoshi. Pre-orders will open on the company’s website next week.

We have the following teaser for the statue:

We’ll pass along another note when pre-orders go live.

First teased last week, pre-orders have opened for the Meta Ridley statue from First 4 Figures. More information about the product has released as well.

Here’s what’s inside as well as product dimensions:

We finally have an update on the Meta Ridley statue from First 4 Figures, which was last mentioned a year ago. First 4 Figures has put out a teaser, which we have below. It shows off the near-final look of the statue.

Usually these teasers are soon accompanied by pre-orders. If we had to guess, reservations will go live next Friday. We’ll be sure to give you a heads up when that happens.

It’s a blast from the past with First 4 Figures’ latest statue. Straight out of the N64 era, the company is preparing a new product for Conker based on his appearance from the N64 game Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

Here’s a rundown of the different editions:

First 4 Figures has opened pre-orders for the new Phoenix Wright statue, which was first announced last week. Three different versions are in the works: standard, exclusive, and definitive.

Standard and exclusive are mostly the same, with the latter one including two interchangeable head sculpts. The definitive version includes an additional large base featuring the defense bench as well as two acrylic speech bubbles from the game.

You can pre-order the statue on First 4 Figures’ website here. It’ll set you back $230 or $300.

First 4 Figures has given a first look at a new Phoenix Wright statue based on the character’s appearance in Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. Check it out in the video below.

The Phoenix Wright statue goes up for pre-order on November 23. We’ll update this post when reservations go live.