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First 4 Figures

IGN has a new look at the Majora’s Mask life-size replica created by First 4 Figures. Take a closer look at the item with the unboxing video below.

First 4 Figures has unveiled its next creation: a brand new Crash Bandicoot statue. It’s targeted for release in Q1 2019.

As with past works, First 4 Figures is preparing “Regular” and “Exclusive” editions. The latter version includes a few extras: two Wumpa fruits, a colorful cardboard background, “Question Mark” 2D acrylic crate, and “Life” 2D acrylic crate.

First 4 Figures shared a new production documentary today for its life-size Majora’s Mask statue. View the full video below.

First 4 Figures is kicking off its Castlevania line with a brand new Alucard statue. Pre-orders are open on the company’s website here.

Fans can choose between regular, exclusive, and “twilight” editions of the statue. You can also order a combo that includes both the exclusive and twilight versions. These are essentially the same aside from the color of Alucard’s cape.

First 4 Figures is gearing up for a new Zelda: The Wind Waker statue featuring Link on The King of Red. Yesterday, the company shared an unboxing video that offers a closer look. Take a look at it below.

First 4 Figures unveiled a new Meta Ridley figure over a year ago. This week, the company finally provided an update.

The image above “is an updated and more detailed reveal as it is now in its physical stages.” The hand in the shot was also included “to give everyone an idea as to how the actual statue scales in comparison.”


First 4 Figures has started taking pre-orders for a brand new Shovel Knight statue. Different options are up for grabs, including an Ornate Plate Armor edition. They’re pricey though as First 4 Figures products tend to be – the statue will cost you anywhere between $300 and $550.

You can pre-order the new Shovel Knight statue here. Note, however, that reservations will only be live until December 22.

We also have this video discussing the creation of the new statue:

First 4 Figures’ Fighter Kirby statue is set for the last week of December / first week of January. To celebrate, the company has issued a production documentary showing how it was made. View the video below.

First 4 Figures is expanding its line once more. The company has revealed that new Banjo-Kazooie and Conker collectibles are in the works.

The following teaser has been published:

We don’t have much to go on aside from the tease above. But hey, at least we know that new stuff for Banjo-Kazooie and Conker are on the way.

We’ve known for some time that First 4 Figures has been cooking up a new Bowser statue. Today, it was properly unveiled, and pre-orders have also opened.

As usual, First 4 Figures is preparing an exclusive edition and regular edition. Below are the full details on both:

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