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Fuzzy Wuzzy Games

In a tweet earlier today, developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games teased a new game for “a brand new IP featuring brand new characters.” While it is unclear what console the game will be available on, the developer previously released their 3D action puzzle platformer Armillo on the Wii U eShop in 2014. More details are to come July 3. We will keep you posted.

The 1.1 patch for Armillo is now out in Europe, developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has confirmed.

Earlier today, the studio published the following tweet:

Armillo’s 1.1 update also arrived in North America earlier this month. You can find the full list of improvements here.


Armillo’s patch 1.1 has gone live in North America. As previously mentioned, it addresses frame rate issues and problems pertaining to 100 percent completion.

The wait for Armillo’s patch in Europe will be a bit longer. Fuzzy Wuzzy Games will provide “updates on that build as they come.”


The 1.1 update for Armillo has been approved, and should be arriving in just a couple of days. The game’s official Twitter account stated that the patch is expected on Friday.

Armillo patch 1.1 makes several improvements and addresses a few bugs. For a full overview as to what’s included, check out this post.


Fuzzy Wuzzy Games have announced through Miiverse today details about the 1.1 patch for Armillo. Here’s the full release:


Fuzzy Wuzzy Games is cooking up a patch for Amillo. The first update will improve the game’s frame rate, address bugs, and more.

Here’s what’s planned for the patch in full:

1) Frame Rate issues (more to do with audio asset loading than framerate)
2) Terror Bug in 3-1 (aka sometimes no Worm Boss in 3-1)
3) Bonus 2D levels scoring (some levels are impossible to get achievement Gold at the moment)
4) Progression to 100%. Items 2-3 and some level scoring prevent completionists from getting 100% on the game
5) Some optimizations that should help when running off external USB drives
6) 6-1 missing cube fix (shouldn’t have that missing icon at all – there is no hidden cube in this level
7) Improve colour and sharpness

Fuzzy Wuzzy Games will also address “a few other things we’ve noticed from user comments on Miverse and Twitter.”


Often times a game will get delayed and the reasons remain withheld from the consumer even after the game sees it’s final release. Fuzzy Wuzzy Games have gone the opposite route, detailing exactly what they’ve been up to since delaying Armillo. The screenshot highlights the graphical push they were able to achieve with the extra time which looks to be the new standard for the final product.


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