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Fuzzy Wuzzy Games

Armillo has had a long, long development history. Originally, the game was going to be a rotational puzzle mobile game called “Spinball”. Developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games says that the final version of Armillo features a pair of levels “in memory of it.”

Fuzzy Wuzzy has been sharing other tidbits about Armillo on Twitter. You can find different facts about the title here.

Just how much content does Armillo offer? In an interview with 4 color rebellion, Fuzzy Wuzzy Games co-founder James Saito estimated that players will be able to complete it in roughly “4-6 hours depending on how much of the game you want to unlock.” The studio’s other founder, Yanni Fyssas, feels it can take 7-8 hours for those who aren’t as quick to finish games.


Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has shared the file share for Armillo. It clocks in at about 1.9GB, with music taking up most of the space.

Armillo is scheduled for a July 3 launch.

Armillo will finally hit the Wii U eShop on July 3, Fuzzy Wuzzy Games announced today.

Those who purchase the game at launch can receive a special introductory price of $6.00 / €4.50. Normally, Armillo costs $8.00 / €6.00.

Source: Fuzzy Wuzzy Games PR

It’s been a long wait for Armillo, but the game is almost ready for release. It may only be a couple of weeks away – at least in Europe – based on a new listing on the eShop.

If the Wii U eShop is correct, Armillo will launch in Europe on July 3. One would also think that the North American launch would take place at around the same time.


Fuzzy Wuzzy Games is resubmitting its indie release Armillo to Nintendo today. While it’s been a fairly long wait for the title, the game will now feature more polish and difficulty select.

Fuzzy Wuzzy said on Twitter:


It was confirmed by developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games that Armillo has been delayed due to submission complications within the eShop. To make up for this, they are offering an introductory price of $5.99 in the first 3 weeks after launch and  anticipate that they will be able to make an announcement regarding a global release soon.

The full press statement read:

Good news, our game is finished and we’re extremely excited to release it as soon as possible!

However, with Armillo being our first Nintendo eShop game, the submission process is taking longer than we originally anticipated. What this means is that we’ll miss our anticipated release date of May 12th. While we hate to delay, we expect to be able to make a formal announcement of the global launch date in coordination with Nintendo very soon.

Your patience will not go unrewarded, though! We’re happy to announce that Armillo will launch at the introductory price of $5.99 for the first 3 weeks of release! After the first 3 weeks, the game will return to the standard $7.99 price that we originally planned. This is our way of thanking our early supporters for buying the game early, and our way of apologizing for all of the delays.

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