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Pokemon Scarlet Violet reviews

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are just a couple of days away from reaching Switch, and reviews for the games are now starting to appear. Nintendo just lifted the official embargo.

The latest entries in the well-known franchise are offering something brand new with the open world of the Paldea region. Players can traverse land, water, and air by riding Koraidon in Scarlet and Miraidon in Violet. Many new creatures are appearing for the first time including the starters Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. There are plenty of other hooks like the Terastal Phenomenon in which Pokemon can gain special power, co-op play with the Union Circle, and more.

Here’s a roundup of some initial Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet reviews:

pokemon scarlet violet pre-order bonus

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet were announced during Pokemon Day, and pre-order bonus information for the two games is starting to become available. In our latest guide, we’ll be rounding up all of the reservation news from major retailers as well as any bonuses that are announced in the months to come.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Scarlet, developed by Game Freak, ring in the franchise’s ninth generation. The Pokemon Company has indicated that this will be an open world experience “where various towns with no borders blend seamlessly into the wilderness.” The starters are the grass cat Sprigatito, fire croc Fuecoco, and duckling Quaxly. There’s much to be learned still, but we’re fairly far off from launch.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet overview

Original (11/1): Nintendo has released a new overview trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. The video showcases the open world, some of the creatures players will find, and more.

Here’s some information about the games:

Pokemon Scarlet Pokemon Violet moves

Information and content stemming from this week’s Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet leaks are still popping up, and we now have a list of all moves that are included in the game. Also, if that wasn’t enough, we have the full rundown on moves that were removed.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet exclusives

With leaks and datamines happening for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet over the past week or so, we now have the final exclusives list.

Going back to the series’ earliest days, some creatures could only be found in the wild depending on which version you were playing. The thought behind this is that it would encourage people to connect and communicate with each other. Even more than a couple of decades later, it’s still in place and we’ve ended up with two different versions of the latest Pokemon entry. It’s important to know which comes in each title since some fans will only pick up one version.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet update 1.0.1

Original (11/8): Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will be receiving a version 1.0.1 day one update (patch notes to follow), according to The Pokemon Company. It will be highlighted by the inclusion of online play, so fans are advised to download it before starting their adventure. At least 1GB of free space will be required, but other specifics have not been shared at this time.

It also sounds like other updates are planned for the future. Once again though, further information has not been provided.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet breeding

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are bringing back breeding, but things are a little bit different in the series’ latest entries. New details have now surfaced as part of the newest leaks surrounding the games.

There’s not much in the way of story spoilers here, but keep in mind that we’ll be going over some tidbits that some may prefer to learn about themselves.

Pawmi evolution Pokemon Scarlet Violet

We’re starting to see another round of leaks for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, revealing looks at new Pokemon like the evolution for Pawmi and more. Centro Leaks has been sharing the latest content.

This has been the third major leak within the past week. After copies starting getting their way out to fans likely due to retailers selling the games early, access is starting to become more widespread. Initial leaks showed us Pokemon like the evolution for Fuecoco. Then a couple of days ago, we got a look at evolutions for all of the starters and more.

Fuecoco final evolution Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Original: Further leaks have started to emerge for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet today, revealing the final evolution for Fuecoco, second and final evolutions for Sprigatito, second and final evolutions for Quaxly, and more.

We just saw the second stage in Fuecoco’s evolution line a couple of days ago with one leaker, who has since disappeared. However, more people are stepping forward with screenshots from the final games showing brand new creatures. The exact source isn’t entirely known, but people have been sharing content on websites such as 4Chan.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Rotom Phone case

The Pokemon Company has revealed that special Rotom Phone cases in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will be offered to those that have save data for other entries in the series on their Switch system. Pokemon Legends: Arcues, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Pokemon Shining Pearl, Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu, and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee are eligible. Cases correspond to its respective game in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

The cases can be obtained by talking to the woman in front of the stairs leading up to Mesagoza’s central plaza.​ Note that the feature can be accessed after roughly two hours of playtime.

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