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Pokemon Scarlet Violet coaches guide

Today, we’re talking all about coaches in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – how to invite them, the benefits of doing so, and the Pokemon each coach offers to trade you on their third visit.

Coach trainers are a mechanic new to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC. Blueberry Academy is the home of the League Club Room, a special area that lets you extend invites to Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and teachers from the base game. Once you’ve invited one of these coach trainers, you can battle them and eventually trade Pokemon with them after sending multiple invites.

Zekrom location Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Today, we’re continuing our coverage of Legendary Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet with a Zekrom location guide for Zekrom with its exact location on Paldea’s map. We also have instructions on spawning it via the Indigo Disk DLC.

Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem form the Tao trio, which first appeared in Pokemon Black and White back on DS. None of these Pokemon are version exclusive this time around, which means you can catch all three regardless of the game you’re playing! Let’s go right into how to find Zekrom in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Flutter Mane Iron Jugulis Tera Raid

Next up for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet‘s Tera Raid Battles are an event featuring Flutter Mane and Iron Jugulis.

Both will be popping up in 5 Star Raids. If you have Pokemon Scarlet, you’ll take on Flutter Mane. Pokemon Violet will be featuring Iron Jugulis.

Kyurem location Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you’re trying to figure out where to find Kyurem in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as part of the Indigo Disk DLC, we’ve put together a Kyurem location guide here for you.

Kyurem, along with Reshiram and Zekrom, is a member of the Tao trio introduced in Generation V. Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem were once one being. Whereas Reshiram represents truth and Zekrom represents ideals, Kyurem represents neither — it’s sort of the “leftovers” of the original dragon. If you’re looking to catch Kyurem in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you’ve come to the right place.

Pecharunt Pokemon Scarlet Violet

If you’ve played Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, you may have encountered Pecharunt. This Mythic Pokemon appears exclusively in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero – the DLC for both games.

Pecharunt is a Poison-Ghost-Type Pokemon. More information about it is available via the following overview:

Solgaleo location Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Our coverage of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Legendary Pokemon continues yet again with a Solgaleo location guide, including its exact location on the Paldea map plus instructions on how to spawn it via the Indigo Disk DLC.

Solgaleo and its counterpart Lunala are the boxart Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Cosmog isn’t available in this game unless you transfer it forward with Pokemon Home. In that case, Cosmog will evolve into Solgaleo if leveled up in Pokemon Scarlet and into Lunala if leveled up in Pokemon Violet.

creepiest pokedex entries

Today, we’re taking a look at the creepiest Pokedex entries in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet plus a few of the returning Pokemon in The Indigo Disk DLC.

To an extent, Pokedex entries have always been kind of messed up. But things took a turn sometime around Pokemon Sun and Moon – lots of Pokemon started getting particularly eyebrow-raising descriptions. For example, if Drifloon’s body were to burst, its soul would spill out with a screaming sound. We definitely didn’t need to know that!

How to defeat 7 Star Blaziken in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The new Tera Raid Battle Event for 7 Star Blaziken is currently live in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and we’ve cooked up a guide going over how to defeat it.

Blaziken knows Blaze Kick, Low Kick, Brave Bird, and Earthquake as its normal moves. It’s Tera Flying, and it also uses Swords Dance, Bulk Up, Rock Slide, and Overheat as additional moves during the battle. Blaziken is available to battle from now until January 14, and then again from January 19 to 21. If you don’t have any Pokemon ready for this wave, you can check out our guide and prepare your counter for the next wave.

How to start Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Mochi Mayhem Epilogue

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s new Mochi Mayhem epilogue is now available, and we’ve put a post together outlining how to start it. We also have a brief list of tips and information regarding the new Mythical Pokemon. This event is roughly an hour long and lets players obtain a brand-new Mythical Pokemon.

To initiate the event, you’ll need the Mythical Pecha Berry item. It’s currently being distributed via Mystery Gift through the Get via Internet option. Once you have the item in hand, visit the Peachy’s store in Kitakami (directly east of the Community Center) and interact with the purple object on the table. To access Mochi Mayhem at all, you’ll need to have cleared Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s base story as well as both the Teal Mask and the Indigo Disk’s respective campaigns.

lunala location Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Our coverage of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Legendary Pokemon continues with a Lunala location guide, including its exact location on Paldea’s map and how to spawn it via the Indigo Disk DLC.

Lunala and its counterpart Solgaleo are part of a pair of Legendary Pokemon that first debuted in Sun and Moon back in 2017. Though Cosmog is not natively available in this game, you can transfer it in from Pokemon Home. In that case, Cosmog evolves from Cosmoeom into Solgaleo in Pokemon Scarlet, while in Pokemon Violet it evolves from Cosmoem into Lunala instead.

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