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Gear.Club Unlimited

Microids has put out an official video for Gear.Club Unlimited showing a bit of racing and the performance shop. Have a look at it below.

You won’t have to wait quite as long to play Gear.Club Unlimited on Switch. Microids has moved the release date forward in North America, and it’s no longer an early December launch.

Gear.Club Unlimited is now planned for November 21 in North America both physically and digitally. GameStop’s exclusivity on the physical version will be “temporary”. Also, the European release is still on track for December 1.

Microids released a new Gear.Club Unlimited trailer today highlighting the racer’s various features. We have the video below.

A new Japanese trailer has gone live for Switch’s upcoming racer Gear.Club Unlimited. Have a look at the video below.

A number of outlets were recently able to go hands-on with Gear.Club Unlimited, including IGN. Find some details from their report below.

A couple of videos were released on YouTube today showcasing footage of Gear.Club Unlimited. If you’re interested in the racing sim, you can view a bunch of gameplay below.

Amazon Japan has posted the Japanese boxart for Gear.Club Unlimited, attached above.

Here’s the western version for comparison:

We also have some new screenshots from of Gear.Club Unlimited, including actual gameplay images. Get a look at those below.


Gear.Club previously came to mobile devices. But on Switch, developer Eden Games is adding new features and making significant changes.

One thing you won’t have to worry about are microtransactions. Eden Games CEO Pascal Clarysse confirmed the news to Redbull. Clarysse also said that the team is capitalizing on Switch’s power “to deliver higher definition of graphics and visual effects.” Local multiplayer is also in, allowing players to race at once with Joy-Con controllers.

Microids previously confirmed that Gear.Club Unlimited will be sold physically. But in the United States at least, its distribution will be limited to one retailer. GameStop added a page to its site today, claiming that it will be selling Gear.Club Unlimited exclusively.

We do also know that Gear.Club Unlimited will be offered on the eShop like all physical titles. We’ve also not heard about any exclusivity in Europe.

Microids and Eden Games have announced the full lineup of cars that will make up the Gear.Club Unlimited vehicle roster. These are the supercars you’ll be able to drive in addition to the ones previously revealed.

The entire listing is as follows:

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