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Hyper Sports R

During E3 2018, Konami announced Hyper Sports R for Switch. The game was touted as a new take on the company’s classic arcade game from 1984. There’s little news since the initial reveal, so perhaps it comes as no surprise that the project has been entirely cancelled.

Konami posted a message about the situation on Hyper Sports R’s official website. In a statement, the company said “various circumstances” led to the game’s cancellation.

The full note reads:

Hyper Sports R

V Jump showed off the latest footage from Hyper Sports R during a Tokyo Game Show live stream last week. Check out the full recording below.

Footage is in showing off Konami’s Hyper Sports R for Switch. Check out some off-screen gameplay footage of the sports compilation title in the video below.

Hyper Sports R

At the start of E3 last month, Konami announced Hyper Sports R for Switch. The sports compilation title includes various individual and team sports.

Konami confirmed today that Hyper Sports R will be making its playable debut at Gamescom next month. Track & Field, Swimming, and Beach Volleyball will be in the demo.

Konami will have more news to share about Hyper Sports R at Gamescom. More information, including the release date, will be announced later in the year.

Source: Konami PR

Konami brought Super Bomberman R to Switch last year for the console’s launch. The company is following up on that with Hyper Sports R, its newest game announced at Switch last week.

Hyper Sports R will only be appearing on Switch. Konami brand and media manager Benjamin Kinney indicated that the exclusivity comes down to Switch’s motion control features.

Hyper Sports R

Konami released the first screenshots and art from its newly-announced Switch game Hyper Sports R. Check out the various images below.

Hyper Sports R

Konami is bringing back its 1984 arcade game Hyper Sports. The company today announced Hyper Sports R, and it’s in the works for Switch.

Here’s the first information and trailer for the sports simulation title Hyper Sports R:

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