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Imageepoch has a new strategy RPG in the works, president Ryohei Mikage has confirmed. Mikage told 4Gamer that the game will tie into the company’s 10th anniversary and will be an “original” title.

Mikage’s comments in full:

“On January 30, 2014, we’ll be releasing Toshin Toshi for Nintendo 3DS. After that, we’ll continue by releasing SoniPro for 3DS, and we also expect to reveal a brand new ‘original SRPG’ as part of Imageepoch’s 10 year anniversary.”

“The original RPG, Luminous Arc, was Imageepoch’s development debut title. We’re just about to hit the turning point of the company’s 10-year anniversary, so we’d like to look back to our roots, and we’re in the middle of zealously developing a high quality SRPG title to offer you guys. Please look forward to Toshin Toshi, SoniPro, and the new original SRPG!”


Beware of a few not-safe-for-work images…


Imageepoch is working on a 3DS remake of Toushin Toshin II, a PC title from the 90’s.

“Toushin Toshi” carries many of the same elements as the original – including the completely not safe for work adult content.

The 3DS game will be released in Japan on January 30. Pricing is set at 6,279 yen. Alicesoft, the original Toushin Toshin II developer, is supervising the remake.

You can find a couple of scans after the break. Just make sure you’re not at work…

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