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We should be getting a pretty good look at Stella Glow on Monday. SEGA will be showing off its upcoming slate of titles during a live stream on NicoNico, and Stella Glow will be among the lineup of featured games. Producer Hideyuki Mizutani will be on hand for the event.

SEGA’s live stream will be hosted on NicoNico at this link. You can tune in at 8 AM ET / 5 AM PT / 1 PM in the UK / 2 PM in Europe to watch it live.


SEGA has a whole bunch of first-print bonuses lineup for Stella Glow. One of these is a new 3DS theme, which you can get a look at above.

Stella Glow launches in Japan on June 4.

SEGA’s latest update on Stella Glow reveals details about how the game plays out. Chapters are split into two parts, which are free time and operation time. Details about both aspects can be found below.


– Each chapter is split into two parts
– Parts are free time and operation time where you engage in strategy RPG battles
– Complete both parts to proceed to the next chapter

Free time

– Players have a fixed amount of hours to explore Capital City Lambert during free time
– Can search for items
– Take jobs at the tavern to earn money or bond with knights
– Can also use free time at the Tuning House
– Tuning House: teach witches in your troop new song magic
– Head to Bianca’s weapon shop for weapons
– Create items at Franz’s Workshop
– Save in the protagonist’s room without using any time units

Operation time

– Operation time has battles to fight or event scenes that move the story forward
– There are some special events players can trigger where you can bond with characters too


Imageepoch’s SRPG Stella Glow is officially making its way over to the US in 2015! We’ve heard very little about the game since it was first revealed back in October, but the last few weeks have been booming with Stella Glow news.

Here’s what ATLUS has to say about the upcoming SRPG:

Stella Glow, the role-playing game based on brand new IP from imageepoch, will be localized and published in the Americas by ATLUS. Players take on the role of Alto, a young knight who must convince Witches throughout the Regnant Kingdom to join his side and stop Hilda, the Witch of Destruction, and her cruel Harbingers. Use the forgotten magic of Song in battle by tuning allied Witches to unlock their full potential. Stella Glow is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS™ system. More details on the localization and American release will be coming soon!

Stella Glow will is slated for a June 4th release in Japan and is being published by SEGA there. Since the localization announcement is just being made now, and plans are to release Stella Glow in the same year to the US, it’s probable that we’ll be seeing Stella Glow make its way over to the west sometime in the Fall.

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on Stella Glow? Personally, something about this game has this charm that I can’t quite pinpoint. I’m intrigued by its aesthetic, lovely name, unique mechanics and other factors. I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on this title in the upcoming months.

You can find more details regarding Stella Glow herehere and here

Check out the Japanese trailer below!


Source: ATLUS PR

Here a a couple of the latest translated details from the upcoming RPG, Stella Glow set to release for Japan.

– Dorothy the Ripper uses dolls to fight and people are quite scare of her.

– Nonoka, Sakuya’s ninja bodygaurd is slightly ditzy and wears a box on her head.

– Yuan started a business when he was 10 and is always willing to lend help to Alt and his friends.


The new Stella Glow trailer is officially here after going dark since its announcement back in October of last year. This neat looking RPG is slated to come out in Japan on June 4th. No word on a western release.

Though news and details on this game have been scarce, you can get a good idea of what Stella Glow is all about here and here

Stella Glow finally has resurfaced after originally being announced last October. This week’s issue of Famitsu has a follow up report on the game, and the magazine spoke with producer Hideyuki Mizutani about the delay.

According to Mizutani, development was nearly finished in October, and the project was all wrapped up in November. However, sales-related issues pushed the title from its original winter launch target. Imageepoch ended up partnering with SEGA to handle Stella Glow’s publishing. As you may recall, the two companies worked together on 7th Dragon.

That’s not all on Stella Glow. Famitsu also provides a first look at the following characters:

The Eastern Witch and Song Maiden, Sakuya (voiced by Yui Sakakibara)
That Ninja Guard, Nonoka (voiced by Sayuri Yahagi)
The Merchant, Yuan (voiced by Mana Hirata)
Hilda’s Lackey Enemy Witch, Droshi (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki)


Imageepoch announced Stella Glow for 3DS last October. There’s literally been no news about the game since then, but an unexpected update was finally shared today.

SEGA will now handle publishing duties for Stella Glow in Japan. Additionally, it’s been revealed that the title is slated for June 4. Pricing is set at for 5,990 yen.

View some screenshots from Stella Glow above. If you need a refresh about what it’s all about, check out our original post here. We also posted several details here.


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