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Indie Live Expo

Indie Live Expo 2022 is set to air on May 21 – May 22, Ryu’s Office has announced.

The event will take place across two days with two separate shows. The first will broadcast on May 21 and showcase “currently-available indie games that fans can play right now, including information and a focus on gameplay footage”. The second will air on May 22 and feature “world premieres of brand-new, unannounced games, and new information on previously-announced titles”, along with live performances and a special “INDIE Studios Around the World” feature.

Indie Live Expo Winter 2021 will take place on November 6, Ryu’s Office has announced.

Like previous events, it will feature new game reveals, updates for previously-released games, and spotlights on talented creators and their games. The Indie Live Expo Awards are also returning for 2021, with the nominee voting period open now until Wednesday, September 30.

Indie Live Expo Winter 2021 should be live streamed on the usual social channels, including YouTue, Twitch, Twitter, and Bilibili.

Source: Ryu’s Office PR

At the end of today’s Indie Live Expo 2021 broadcast, the next show was announced. Ryu’s Office confirmed that a winter presentation will be held later this year.

Today’s broadcast ran for over five hours and featured over 300 games – including some new announcements for Switch. We should expect something similar out of the next event.

Additional information about Indie Live Expo 2021 Winter, including when it will be held, should follow in a few months.


Indie Live Expo 2021

After a pair of Indie Live Expo presentations in 2020, the event is back with its debut event for 2021. Today’s broadcast will begin at 2 AM PT / 5 AM ET / 10 AM in the UK / 11 AM in Europe.

You can watch Indie Live Expo 2021 as it happens below. Over 300 games are set to be featured, so we should be hearing about quite a few Switch titles. We’ll keep you posted on the notable news as it happens.

Indie Live Expo 2021

Two lengthy Indie Live Expo presentations were held last year, showcasing a truckload of titles from smaller developers. The broadcast is now set to return in just a few months. It was announced today that the next Indie Live Expo will be held on Saturday, June 5 starting at 6 PM Japan time.

Here’s an embed for the event:

Today’s lengthy Indie Live Expo II stream concluded with confirmation of a third broadcast. Indie Live Expo III will be held sometime in 2021, Ryu’s Office announced.

Indie Live first premiered on June 6. Several new Switch games were revealed during both broadcasts, and that should continue for next year’s show.

We’ll let you know when an air date has been announced for Indie Live Expo III.

Indie Live Expo II

The first Indie Live Expo was held this past summer. Following its success, a second presentation is being held today, aptly named Indie Live Expo II.

If the stream from last stream is any indication, we’ll be seeing a ton of games here. The whole thing may go on for several hours as was the case before.

You can watch Indie Live Expo II as it happens below. The stream should kick off at 1:50 AM PT / 4:50 AM ET / 9:50 AM in the UK / 10:50 AM in Europe. We’ll report back on any notable Switch news.

Indie Live Expo II

The first ever Indie Live Expo was held earlier today. It featured tons of news about upcoming games, messages from developers, and more.

It looks like this presentation won’t just be a one-time thing. At the end of today’s event, a logo appeared for Indie Live Expo II. We know that the next broadcast will be held on November 7, but nothing beyond that.

Today’s Indie Live Expo included a number of announcements for Switch, including the reveal of COGEN: Sword of Rewind.

The Indie Live Expo 2020 presentation is about to begin. Today’s presentation kicks off at 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET / 12 PM in the UK / 1 PM in Europe.

Indie Live Expo 2020 is said to feature over 150 indie games, so presumably there’ll be some stuff here for Switch owners. We don’t have the full list of companies involved, though Inti Creates is one notable developer said to be participating.

You can watch Indie Live Expo 2020 as it happens below. If anything notable happens, we’ll report back on the main site.

Ryu’s Office has announced Indie Live Expo 2020, a program that is “set to deliver the latest information on both published and not-yet-published indie titles.” It will be live streamed on the major broadcast platforms such as YouTube and Twitch at the following times:

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