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Inti Creates

Thanks to Polygon, we have new footage of Blaster Master Zero specifically from the Switch edition. You can watch 16 minutes of gameplay below.

Blaster Master Zero now has a release date in North America. It’s set to arrive on March 9 in North America on both Switch and 3DS.

As part of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’s February Kickstarter update, two new enemies are introduced. We have a first look at the flying harpy Aello and the demon beast Gieremund.

Below are the official comments from Bloodstained Koji Igarashi about both enemies:

“Our first new enemy is Aello. This flying harpy keeps its distance from the player. Our original plan was to put her in the ship stage, where she would use physical and wind attacks.

This second enemy is Gieremund, a fast-moving, beast-type demon that attacks on all fours. Guarding against this enemy’s attacks will require quick reflexes.”

Also for the new Kickstarter update, Igarashi interviewed composer Michiru Yamane. Watch the full discussion below.


New DLC for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 came out in Japan last month. While we wait for the western release, take a look at some footage of the content below.

Inti Creates just wrapped up another live stream, and debuted the first English gameplay from Blaster Master Zero. We have the recording below.

The new Azure Striker Gunvolt anime OVA isn’t just coming to Japan next week. Inti Creates followed up on today’s earlier announcement, confirming that it’s due out worldwide on the eShop on February 9. The video will cost $2.99 / £2.49 / €2.79 / AU$3.65.

Here’s the latest trailer in HD and with English / Japanese voices (you’ll be able to switch between the two):

Inti Creates held a live stream on Niconico earlier today. Aside from showing the first Blaster Master Zero footage, fans were also given a look at a new trailer for the Azure Striker Gunvolt anime OVA. We have that below.

As revealed in the stream, the Azure Striker Gunvolt anime OVA launches in Japan on February 9 for 600 yen. The North American and European release should follow soon.

Earlier today, Inti Creates hosted a new live stream for its Japanese audience. Blaster Master Zero, revealed for 3DS back in November, had its very first footage shown. Get a look at the recorded gameplay (which includes the opening movie).

A brief Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night video has been prepared showing a new village area. You’ll be passing through it on the way to the castle entrance, according to creator Koji Igarashi.

Igarashi writes in a new Kickstarter update:

“As you can tell from the video, the village is red, which has nothing to do with Christmas! During the eruption of the Laki volcanic fissure in 1783 and 1784, “the afternoon sky was dark as night and red as blood,” according to a contemporary saying from Hampshire, England. So we tried to express that in the afternoon scene you see here.

Building your visuals from a piece of historical data makes the world more realistic. (The internet is so useful!) The village is also under the demons’ attack, so of course there will be enemies here. We are also planning to put a shop here to support the player, and you’ll find Johannes, who we introduced previously, here too.

In addition to Johannes…Oh, we can’t quite tell you yet, but you’ll hear more about them in our later updates. Please look forward to it.”


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