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Jim Dyer

SEGA is looking to reinvigorate the Sonic franchise with Sonic Forces, according to product manager Jim Dyer.

Twinfinite asked Dyer in a recent interview if SEGA views Sonic Mania is a ways of rebuilding interest in the series prior to Sonic Forces’ launch. To that, Dyer said “Sonic Mania is for the fans” while Sonic Forces “is a Sonic game for everyone.”

Additionally, Sonic Forces “is a broader game, a different sort of Sonic than what we’ve done before.” SEGA isn’t necessarily trying to make the Blue Blur relevant, as it’s more about having “flagship IP, this brand powerhouse that SEGA wants to get back to what it should be.”

Read Dyer’s full comments on Sonic Forces below.

It looks like SEGA is considering releasing a physical edition for Sonic Mania, according to SEGA Product Manager Jim Dyer. While it’s not confirmed yet, the positive feedback received at SXSW for the idea seems to have helped sway SEGA towards a physical release.

From an interview on, Dyer had this to say on the possibility of a physical version of Sonic Mania:

“We would love to do one. We want the community to know that we are listening, and at SXSW they suggested a lot of interest in us following through with a physical release. But we’re also aware that audience approves of anything Sonic related, so while we are listening and it is something we’d like to do, at this stage we are going to see how it goes.”

As Sonic Mania is releasing on the Switch as well, this would obviously mean that Switch owners would be able to get their hands on a physical release as well. Only time will tell at this point.