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Anonymous;Code is in development for Switch, Mages announced at the Chiyo-St. Live 2017 –Genesis- event in Japan today. It joins the previously-confirmed PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions.

Anonymous;Code, a visual novel game, follows the story of the holy war of hackers. This will be the first entry from the Science Adventure series to find its way to a Nintendo platform.

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Alchemists latest 3DS title Moho Colle: Magic Idol Collection, is a rythym game with a very “Kawaii” protagonist.

The game finds the heroine, Plum Hoshikawa trying to save the citizens of the Land of Magic.

They have had their hearts frozen and its up to her to save them  with the only thing that can thaw their frozen hearts, magical singing and dancing.

The game releases November 20 this year for 3DS in Japan.

Check out the trailer below:




Mages is developing a new 3DS rhythm game titled “Magic?Idol Collection”. A trailer can be found above, and details are posted below.

– The citizens of the Land of Magic have their hearts frozen
– Protagonsit Plum Hoshikawa needs to thaw them out with her magically warm singing and dancing
– Plum dreams of becoming an idol
– The night before her final audition, she prays for her best before going to sleep
– Plum wakes up and finds herself in an unknown world—the Land of Magic
– This place was once a peaceful land
– The evil witch of the North froze the hearts of all its citizens, which lead to the land’s magic getting weaker over time
– The Land of Magic can only be saved by a girl with huge dreams and hopes
– That’s none other than Plum
– Kururu: the familiar of Queen Lily
– Kururu will help navigate around the Land of Magic
– Maestro: go-getter producer
– Maestro will help make a splendid stage for Plum to sing and perform
– Osha-P: another producer in charge of dressing up Plum with his keen fashion sense
– Game has interactions
– Play as Plum to walk around the lands to go through various events, talk to different citizens, and fix hearts
– The citizens of the Land of Magic will drop hints and occasionally give you items
– In order to make your costumes and the performance stage, you’ll need to find material in town
– Acquire them through gardening as well
– Rhythm part of the game has players touching and timing the icons with their respective buttons along with some catchy tunes
– Stage backgrounds, costumes, and hairstyles can be customized for different looks
– Out in November


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