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Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has offered up preliminary information about the next major event in Mario Kart Tour. Players can look forward to the Flower Tour, which starts next week.

Nintendo says that “a certain driver whose name pairs perfectly with flowers will appear in a new outfit”. Other details have yet to be shared.

The Flower Tour goes live in Mario Kart Tour on May 5 at 11 PM PT / May 6 at 2 AM ET.


Nintendo has issued a trailer for the Trick Tour in Mario Kart Tour. We’ve included today’s video below.

Mario Kart Tour will hold a new Trick Tour next week, Nintendo has announced. The event will feature new courses and challenges.

The new Trick Tour goes live on April 22. It should last until May 6. Around the time that it goes live, we should have a trailer.

The Hammer Bro Tour has come to an end, ushering in the new Yoshi Tour. This colorful tour welcomes a festive new racer, Yoshi (Egg Hunt) which is featured in the new video below. Will you be racing toward this new character and attempting to add it to your team?


Nintendo has another event planned for Mario Kart Tour. The Yoshi Tour was announced today, which kicks off next week. Expect new courses and challenges when it goes live.

The Yoshi Tour will be held between April 8 and April 22.

Nintendo has sent out a trailer for the new Hammer Bro Tour in Mario Kart Tour. Get a look at the video below.

Nintendo has announced that the Hammer Bro Tour will be the next event in Mario Kart Tour. It will be held between March 25 and April 8.

Like other Tours, this one will feature newly added courses and challenges. Donut Plains 1 has been shown as one of the tracks in the in-app preview.

Earlier today, Nintendo issued the latest update for Mario Kart Tour. Version 2.0.1. is out now, which addresses a number of different issues.

The following problems have been addressed:

The Mario Bros. Tour has come to an end, heralding the start of the new Baby Rosalina Tour. Players will return to the storied streets of London (but watch out for the Chain Chomps!) and enjoy twists and turns on courses spread out over 12 cups. A big change has happened with the start of this tour: Now  you can fire off the pipe for free after collecting enough Grand Stars. Once you get a certain number of Grand Stars, you’ll be able to fire off the pipe for free in the same way as you would accept a tour gift. Check out the Baby Rosalina Tour video below:



Nintendo published a new trailer for Mario Kart Tour showing off the just-added multiplayer feature. Give it a look below.

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