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Mario Kart Tour

The latest update for Mario Kart Tour is now available. Version 2.9.1 is live, which includes preparations for for Today’s Challenge as well as the gift players will receive when continuing Gold Pass subscriptions.

Below are the full patch notes:

The Trick Tour begins today in Mario Kart Tour. All courses in the Tour are trick courses, where players can rack up as many points as possible. Check out the trailer below to preview the new tour:

Early next week, the Bowser vs. DK Tour will be wrapping up in Mario Kart Tour. That means it’s time to start thinking about the mobile game’s next major event.

Players can look forward to the the Trick Tour, in which all courses are Trick courses. It should go live on May 18 / May 19 – when the Bowser vs. DK Tour event is finished. Nintendo should be releasing a trailer around that time, which we’ll be sure to share on the site.


The Bowser vs. DK Tour is now available in Mario Kart Tour. Players can choose to race in honor of either Bowser or DK, earning coins for their team. Teams can only be chosen once, and cannot be swapped out so choose wisely. Check out the trailer below to get a glimpse of the event:

Mario Kart Tour has announced a Team Rally Tour pitting fans of Donkey Kong and Bowser against each other. The new tour starts May 5. Check out the new trailers below.


According to a new report from Sensor Tower, Mario Kart Tour has surpassed 200 million downloads worldwide. The mobile title has also earned $200 million in player spending.

Other highlights from Sensor Tower include:

Nintendo has prepared a trailer for the new Sydney Tour in Mario Kart Tour, which just went live today. View the video below.

Mario Kart Tour is currently available on iOS and Android devices.

The Sydney Tour will be the next major event in Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo has announced. A new city course will be introduced as part of it.

Mario Kart Tour is currently hosting the Ninja Tour, which should wrap up on April 20. The Sydney Tour should start right after. Expect a trailer from Nintendo next week, and we’ll share it here on the site.


Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour has received a new update (2.9.0), and it adjusts the rules for Kart Pro. It also brings slight changes to the Lightning and Spiny Shell items in single player mode.

The update is around 90MB and can now be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. The full patch notes are included below:

The Ninja Tour is now available in Mario Kart Tour and will run until April 21st. A Ninja Pipe with Shy Guy (Ninja), Jade Hop Rod, and Ninja Scroll Glider is also available until the end of the event along with daily login bonuses. The freebies don’t stop there, though, as a successful Photo Sharing event also nets players with a bonus of 15,000 coins.

Check out the latest tour trailer here:

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