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Mary Skelter 2

Mary Skelter Finale

Mary Skelter Finale is seeing a second delay. Whereas it was last lined up for October 8 in Japan, it will now launch on November 5. Prior to this, the game was originally slated for August 27 on Switch.

Compile Heart did not provide much in the way of an explanation regarding the latest delay, but fans will only need to wait an extra month for Mary Skelter Finale’s release.


At the end of October, Mary Skelter 2 was refused classification in Australia. The game did not receive its rating and was essentially banned in the region. Yet a couple of months later, it seems a release has happened after all.

Mary Skelter 2 popped up on the Australian eShop earlier today without any prior notice. It’s carrying an understandably high R 18+ rating, but there don’t appear to be any changes to the game’s content.

Those who are interested in the title can currently get it at 20 percent off in Australia.

Mary Skelter 2 launched in most parts of the world on Switch last week. However, Australia is one region where the game won’t be released.

As it turns out, Mary Skelter 2 won’t be available in Australia as the age rating was not accepted. Publisher Idea Factory confirmed the news on Twitter. Additionally, the official classification page shows that the game’s classification was refused.

Those in Australia interested in buying Mary Skelter 2 for Switch can still do so by setting up a separate Nintendo Account a making a purchase in a different region.

Idea Factory has issued a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming Switch release of Mary Skelter 2. Give it a look below.

Mary Skelter 2 will have a physical release courtesy of Limited Run Games, Idea Factory has announced. Pre-orders open on November 26.

Both the physical and digital versions of Mary Skelter 2 include all original content from the Japanese release. For those who want to buy the game immediately, it will be out on the eShop as of October 22. Pre-purchase will be live on October 15 at a 20 percent discount, leading into launch for another week.

Source: Idea Factory PR

Mary Skelter 2 will be coming in October, Idea Factory announced today. The first-person dungeon RPG will be sold on October 22 in North America and October 23 in Europe.

If you’re interested in Mary Skelter 2, you’ll be able to purchase the game from the eShop. A physical version isn’t planned for the west.

Here’s an overview of Mary Skelter 2, which also includes the first installment of the series, Mary Skelter: Nightmares:

While we’re still waiting to find out when exactly Mary Skelter 2 will be out in the west, the game has been dated for Switch in Japan. Compile Heart will release the title on August 22.

Fans will be able to purchase a physical copy for 7,776 yen or the digital version for 6,912 yen. A limited edition will also be sold for 10,476 yen. The package includes a set of nine clear cards, a booklet (with art materials and special words by Yomoji Otono), and a 21-track original soundtrack CD. Those who pre-order Mary Skelter 2 will receive an illustration card with a download code for “Jailbreak Support Materials,” which includes access to special equipment and item sets that will help the player out in the game.

Following its recent announcement in Japan, Mary Skelter 2 has been confirmed for Switch in the west. Idea Factory will be publishing the game in both North America and Europe.

Here’s an introduction to the 3D dungeon-crawling RPG:

At Dengeki Game Fes 2019 today, it was announced that Mary Skelter 2 will be released on Switch. The dungeon RPG will support the touch screen as well as HD Rumble.

Here’s a trailer for the PlayStation 4 version, which launched last June in Japan:


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