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Mercenaries Saga Chronicles

Last week, it was announced that Mercenaries Saga Chronicles is due out physically on September 11. We have the official boxart above.

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles was announced for physical release a few months ago. Today, PM Studios, Circle Entertainment, and acttil confirmed a release date of September 11.

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles features three entries in the series, which originally released on mobile devices and 3DS. If you can’t wait for the physical version, you can already find the package on the eShop.

Source: PM Studios PR

Following its initial release on the eShop in February, Mercenaries Saga Chronicles is now receiving a physical release. The new boxed version will launch this summer, PM Studios and acttil announced today.

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles features three different games that previously came out between 3DS and mobile. Additionally, some new features and elements are included on Switch. All of the games offer tactical turn-based strategy RPG gameplay.

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Circle Entertainment has been made aware of a bug within Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, which will be addressed through an upcoming patch. The issue is related to characters getting stuck after opening a chest once players have learned a particular skill.

Earlier today, Circle provided the following message to its followers:

When the update for Mercenaries Saga Chronicles is released, we’ll let you know.


Circle Entertainment published a launch trailer for Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, out tomorrow for Switch in North America and Europe. View it below.

New footage has arrived showcasing Mercenaries Saga Chronicles on Switch. Take a look at a half hour of gameplay below.

Circle Entertainment has announced that Mercenaries Saga Chronicles is releasing on February 8 in the west. It’s launching in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

You’ll be able to pre-load Mercenaries Saga Chronicles from the eShop starting on February 1 with a 10% discount. The pre-order price will be $13.49 / €13.49 / £12.23. Normally, the game costs $14.99 / €14.99 / £13.59.

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A trailer has been released for Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, which is out now for Switch in Japan and available next month in the west. You can see it below.

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles is already available in Japan. As far as the western release goes, Circle Entertainment has now confirmed a February launch.

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles bundles all three entries in the series into one package. Only the first game has been distributed on mobile until now, while the latter two previously came to 3DS. Improvements have also been made for the Switch release.

We’ve attached additional details about Mercenaries Saga Chronicles below, which also goes over the improvements.

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, which was only just announced a few days ago, already has a Japanese release date. The digital collection arrives on January 18 as an eShop download.

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles bundles together all three entries in the series. Each one offers tactical RPG gameplay. The second and third games are available on 3DS, though the first title is currently just on mobile (and in Japanese only).