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Monster Hunter World

At least for now, Capcom won’t be porting Monster Hunter World to Switch. But it sounds like there’s one developer out there who’d like to make it happen.

Iron Galaxy Studios CEO Adam Boyes tweeted out the following earlier today:

In the past, when asked about why Monster Hunter World isn’t appearing on Switch, Capcom has been a bit cagey. IGN finally managed to get a concrete answer out of directors Kaname Fujioka and Yuya Tokuda in a new interview.

Fujioka and Tokuda explained that one reason for the lack of Switch plans is due to the game’s lengthy development. Capcom originally started on the project four years ago, and Nintendo’s newest console wasn’t around at that time. Also explained is that, “for every title we decide what the best fit for hardware is for the concept.”

Fujioka and Tokuda’s full words:

After many years of exclusivity, Monster Hunter is no longer exclusive to Nintendo platforms. In fact, the latest major game isn’t on any Nintendo system at all. Capcom announced Monster Hunter World at E3, which currently has no sign of showing up on something like Switch.

Eurogamer did ask co-director Kaname Fujioka about the possibility of porting Monster Hunter World over to Switch in a recent interview. But unfortunately, Fujioka was naturally cagey about the subject. He instead wants to think more about the future in terms of how Monster Hunter can be adapted there.

Here’s what Fujioka had to say about Monster Hunter on Switch:

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