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Yuya Tokuda

In the past, when asked about why Monster Hunter World isn’t appearing on Switch, Capcom has been a bit cagey. IGN finally managed to get a concrete answer out of directors Kaname Fujioka and Yuya Tokuda in a new interview.

Fujioka and Tokuda explained that one reason for the lack of Switch plans is due to the game’s lengthy development. Capcom originally started on the project four years ago, and Nintendo’s newest console wasn’t around at that time. Also explained is that, “for every title we decide what the best fit for hardware is for the concept.”

Fujioka and Tokuda’s full words:

Capcom put up an official interview with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate directors Kaname Fujioka and Yuya Tokuda. Watch it in full below.

Questions asked in the video include (with times during the video):

0:42 Could you give us an overview of the monster design process?
1:43 What was the most challenging monster to develop?
3:00 Which returning monster was the most challenging to bring to the MH4U gameplay engine?
4:09 What was the most fun monster to design?
5:33 Which was the most challenging weapon to balance in MH4U?
7:18 How was the process of balancing the Life Honing feature?
9:07 How did you come up with the Charge Blade’s Guard Point mechanic?
11:07 How did you come up with the specific features to Seregios’s weapons (Auto-Sharpening, Auto-Reload)?
12:47 How did you settle on Mounting as the core feature of MH4U?

And questions that aren’t specific to the game:

14:51 Why is Monoblos only available for hunting in Single-Player quests?
16:15 What is the language the Diva uses while singing?
17:48 How is a flagship monster created, and why is that a necessary feature of the game?