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Super Mario Party

A number of gameplay videos popped up today for Super Mario Party. We’re rounding up some of the footage below.

How many boards will Super Mario Party have in the final game? If the official European website is anything to go by, there could only be four.

The Super Mario Party site shows Whomp’s Domino Ruins, King Bob-omb’s Powderkeg Mine, and Megafruit Paradise. We’re also able to see one additional board, though it’s not pictured.

We have videos showing the three confirmed boards below.

We have a bunch of new art for Super Mario Party – most of which is character-related. Get a look at the full set of images below.

Nintendo released a new “Shadows” trailer for Super Mario Party, launching next week on Switch. Watch it below.

Nintendo Japan just dropped a video of popular Twitter user Yoiko_Minecraft playing River Survival Mode in Super Mario Party with three others. You can watch it below.

Super Mario Party is less than two weeks away from launch, and Nintendo has now opened the game’s full-blown North American website. Access it here.

On the site, there are plenty of details about the title, including the mini-games, amiibo support, and more. You’ll also find a trailer and other media.

While it might be somewhat expected given the nature of the game, Super Mario Party won’t work with handheld mode. That news comes directly from a page on Nintendo’s Japanese website.

Aside from not supporting portable play, let’s recap some other aspects as well. Using two disconnected Joy-Con, the Joy-Con Grip, and the Switch Pro Controller are all not supported. Using tabletop mode and Joy-Con horizontally does work, however.


YouTuber Mario Party Legacy recently released a video showcasing all 80 minigames featured in Super Mario Party. Watch the 16-minute video below.


Nintendo has published a new set of Japanese commercials for Super Mario Party. All of the adverts can be found in the video below.

Super Mario Party is still a couple of weeks, but Nintendo of Europe has already posted a launch trailer. We’ve included it below.

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