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Super Mario Party

Update: Bumped to the top. Amazon now has pre-orders here. It’s $100, meaning you’re basically getting the Joy-Con controllers for $40 as Super Mario Party is $60.

Original: Super Mario Party Joy-Con bundles have been announced for Europe and Japan. Included in the European bundle – due out on November 23 – are neon green and neon pink controllers. Then on December 1, Japan will have its own bundle with neon yellow and neon pink Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo hasn’t announced anything for North America, but that could be changing soon. Amazon US is listing another Super Mario Party bundle that will come with neon green and neon yellow controllers. For whatever reason, Nintendo seems to be mixing up the controller variations in every region.

Amazon lists the North American Super Mario Party bundle for a November 16 release. Pre-orders aren’t up yet, though when live, they’ll be here.

Super Mario Party debuted in Japan last week. Between October 1 and October 5, it sold close to 150,000 copies. Compared to the last core entry in the franchise, it was a significant improvement. Mario Party 10 sold just 52,000 units in its first week.

As Media Create notes, the Mario Party games tend to be longtime best-sellers due to the nature of the series, and Mario Party 10 eventually reached around 250,000 sales – five times what it sold in its first week. Demand is expected to increase around the holiday season due to Christmas and New Year’s parties.

As one final note, Dengeki states that Super Mario Party sold through 50% of its initial shipment.

It looks like Super Mario Party is a success because Joy-Cons are out of stock on Amazon Europe according to this post on Resetera. If people are buying an $80 accessory to play the party game this is great news for fans of the series


My Nintendo has updated in North America with a few Super Mario Party rewards. They’re a part of the smart device / PC rewards category here.

For 30 Platinum Points, you can download printable character party hats. There’s also a printable dice that doesn’t cost anything. Finally, you can nab a wallpaper for 50 Platinum Points.

At Nintendo NY yesterday, an event was held to celebrate the launches of Super Mario Party on Switch and Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS. We have a few photos straight from Nintendo below.

Super Mario Party is now available around the world on Switch. To celebrate, My Nintendo has added in a new wallpaper for European members. It can be redeemed here.

The wallpaper costs 50 Platinum Points. It can be used with PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Nintendo often does a bit more with its Switch boxarts than most. Whereas some games have absolutely nothing inside, the Big N tends to make things a bit more exciting.

The latest example of this is Super Mario Party, pictured above. We’re able to see a screenshot of the gang together along with a little ribbon in the corner.


Lots of Super Mario Party footage

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A number of gameplay videos popped up today for Super Mario Party. We’re rounding up some of the footage below.

Super Mario Party reviews roundup

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Early reviews for Super Mario Party are starting to hit the net ahead of its release on Friday. As usual, we’ve rounded up some of the initial verdicts below.

How many boards will Super Mario Party have in the final game? If the official European website is anything to go by, there could only be four.

The Super Mario Party site shows Whomp’s Domino Ruins, King Bob-omb’s Powderkeg Mine, and Megafruit Paradise. We’re also able to see one additional board, though it’s not pictured.

We have videos showing the three confirmed boards below.

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