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This week’s episode of Nintendo Minute has gone live. In today’s video, Kit and Krysta show off the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition. Watch it below.

The countdown to the NES Classic Edition is underway, and Nintendo is getting into the spirit with a new video. Watch a short clip focusing on Ghosts ‘n Goblins below.



Emio has two new controllers on the way for Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition. While the hardware won’t be ready until next month, an “Edge Gamepad” and “Edge Joystick” are apparently coming tomorrow.

Here’s what the Edge Gamepad offers:

  • The Turbo functions allow repeated button presses by holding the “Turbo” button. The turbo switch activates the turbo function on either A or B.
  • The Turbo function will give an edge over those using a normal controller by increasing button pressing speed significantly.
  • Edge Gamepad comes with a 9′ cable, so you can play your favorite games from almost any spot in your room! You don’t have to worry about pulling the cable and disconnecting in the middle of a game.
  • The Edge Gamepad includes the “B+A” button, making it easier to execute certain moves requiring the player to press both the A button and the B button. Execute “B+A” moves with more accuracy.

And a rundown of the Joystick:

  • Turbo functions allow repeated button presses by holding the “Turbo” button. The Turbo knobs control the speed of the buttons, and the ON/OFF buttons activate the turbo function on A and/or B buttons.
  • Joystick is a digital 8-way input with circular gate. Switch between the ball top and bat top joysticks (incl.). Brings the arcade feel home, and works specially well with games that use 8 directions.
  • A and B are micro switches with higher end and long-lasting material. These buttons are the best choice for any fighting game enthusiast!
  • The Edge Joystick includes “Slow” & “B+A” buttons. “Slow” button gives an edge over a normal controller by making the game go in slow motion. Easily and accurately execute “B+A” moves.
  • Edge Joystick comes with a 9′ cable, so you can play your favorite games from almost any spot in your room! You don’t have to worry about pulling the cable and disconnecting in the middle of a game.

The Edge Gamepad costs $14.99. As for the Joystick, that one is going for $24.99. Both are up on Amazon here and here.


European retailers opened pre-orders for the NES Classic Edition (or NES Mini) quite a long time ago. The situation is much different in North America though, as reservations have pretty much been unavailable since the announcement. It was up on Toys “R” Us and Target for an extremely brief period, but that’s all. The likes of Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop have all kept pre-orders closed.

Unfortunately, at least at GameStop, the situation won’t be changing before launch. The retailer confirmed on Twitter that it will not offer any pre-orders. Consumers will instead need to visit a local store on November 11.

The tweet is as follows:

The NES Classic Edition hits store shelves in less than a month, so other retailers will likely follow in GameStop’s footsteps. We’ll let you know if we hear otherwise.

Thanks to Jesse T for the tip.



RDS Industries is releasing the NES Classic Edition Deluxe Edition Carrying Case. It’s available for pre-order now but it’ll be released on November 22 of this year; more or less two weeks after the official launch of the NES Classic Edition. According to the Amazon page, the features include:

  • Soft foam insert holds NES Classic System, 2 Controllers, and AC adaptor
  • Mesh pocket for HDMI and USB cables and accessories
  • Hard shell case for maximum protection
  • Comfortable carrying handle

Here are a few different shots of the case:




Nintendo updated its Japanese support site earlier this week for the upcoming Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom. The company answered about a dozen questions about the the hardware. Most would probably agree that the big takeaway here is the length of the different cables.

Head past the break for our full translation.


The NES Classic Edition has been a hot commodity since it was announced in July. It’s sold out at a lot of European retailers, and the same goes for the very select few in North America.

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom was announced for Japan last week, and the situation is similar there as well. Big online retailers stopped accepting pre-orders soon after they opened. The likes of Amazon, Rakuten, and Yodobashi have all sold out. We’ll have to hope that there will still be some stock around for the holidays.

Here are some additional photos of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom by the way:

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Update (10/7): Bumped to the top. Added in the full archived version below.

Original (10/6): Nintendo UK is kicking off its Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition live stream in just a few minutes. Once it begins, you’ll be able to get a look at the hardware for a full hour. We’ve posted the stream after the break due to auto-play.


Technology expert Katie Linendoll stopped by Today a few hours ago to show off some products that will be arriving in time for the holiday season. The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition was on display, and saw its first TV appearance. We’ve posted the full segment below.



Nintendo UK will be offering an extensive look at the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition tomorrow. A live stream will be held for an hour at the following times:

– 8 AM PT – 9 AM PT
– 11 AM ET – 12 PM ET
– 4 PM in the UK – 5 PM in the UK
– 5 PM in Europe – 6 PM in Europe

Retro Gamer editor Darran Jones will be stopping by to show off some of the NES games in HD and 60Hz for the first time. One lucky viewer will also be able to win the hardware through a giveaway.

The stream will be hosted on Nintendo UK’s Twitch page here. We’ll also have it on the site a bit before it begins.



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